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monoyono | health • beauty Grand Opening in LCX
Bringing 4 Popular Brands from Japan, Korea and Taiwan

30 Jun, 2021

monoyono | health • beauty opens its first store in Hong Kong at LCX, Harbour City. The beauty boutique upholds the vision of providing a unique, comfortable, personal, and lively shopping experience to all customers, and to spread out to people around them. The beauty boutique carries exceptional health and beauty brands around the world, including Luxcear from Japan, PIBU PIBU from Korea, CHU Aromatherapy and SWAWAA from Taiwan.

CHU Aromatherapy

CHU Aromatherapy is established by a team of Taiwanese aromatherapists. Each product from CHU Aromatherapy is handmade and blended by a professional aromatherapist, who strives to curate aromatic skincare of the silkiest and softest texture. All products from CHU Aromatherapy have been through stages of research, development and testings to ensure quality and safety. Essential oils, candles scented sprays and mists are made from pure floral extractions that are mild but highly effective. The products are also friendly with pregnant ladies, kids, pets and people with special needs with their low sensitivity formula, ensuring the best aromatherapy experience for all to sooth tensions brought by a busy city life.


LUXCEAR is a Japanese beauty brand specialized in revolutionary beauty technology. By pushing electro-wave beauty therapies to its limits, LUXCEAR has developed the world’s most advanced form of skincare known as “Deep Poration” which utilizes high frequency waves to deliver beauty ingredients deep into the skin, therefore maximizing all skin care benefits in a minimal amount of time.

The LUXCEAR Visage is a cutting edge, high-frequency wave beauty facial machine that is not only compact and sleek in design but also boasts commercial level strength. It is equipped with a unique VECH (Variable Electro Complex Hertz) system that allows the device to emit high-frequency waves. A specially selected ultrafine high frequency wavelength goes beyond the skin’s surface to the deep innermost layers of skin to enhance blood flow around the face as well as lymphatic circulation resulting in brighter skin and an overall warm, healthy glow.


SAWAA is a lifestyle brand that explores the relationship between skin and nature.

Our skin is the way we perceive and interact with the world around us, a truth that we often overlook. SAWAA investigates the relationship between skin and life, a dialogue that we should be listing to at all times of day. IN order to listen to our skin, we must first ask the question, what is skin? Skin can be constant exploration and constant feeling. Skin can be our connection to nature and the universe. Skin is what we make of it. How do we restore our connection to our skin, and thereby, to nature? “Find nature, learn to feel.” Be alive.

SAWAA Skin Theory: Tidal Lands

Beaches, coasts, waves, reefs and oceans all cover the sands in different forms. These natural connections are reflected in the contact between skin and the ingredients of our skincare. Skincare interacts with the surface of the body through different textures and qualities. SAWAA explores how the body interacts in harmony with the environment by collecting and refining precious substances from the ocean and emphasizing the beauty that is part of our self-expression. The essence of our skincare comes from the endless cycle of the tides, that symbiosis the creates eternal life.

SAWAA: Refreshing Series Concept

In terms of design and product aesthetics, we hope that through visuals and tactile feeling, consumers feel the cleanliness and elegance of our simple shapes. The outlines of these shapes are inspired by the Tidal Lands, the gentle crashing of the sea upon the rough rocks and sands of the shore. We depict the silhouettes of the coast using the purest, most elemental linework.



PIBU 피부 means “skin” in Korean. The skin cleanse journey begins at Korea in 2018, when three female co-founders from Korea, Hong Kong, and the United States were troubled by their own and skin concerns. Despite originated from different cultural backgrounds, they have worked together to bring products that can help address all types of skin concerns.

Although our skin concerns may seem similar on the surface, deep down, the causes behind them are always slightly different. PIBU PIBU understands the small differences and help its customers to find the right solution for their unique skin concerns in order to discover your true self

Rinse away all your concerns and troubles that are concealing who you truly are with PIBU PIBU. With PIBU PIBU, you will be able to see your most beautiful and natural self that has been hiding underneath the surface.


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