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mtm labo knows you and your skin. Since the brand’s establishment 30 years ago, we have been adhering to our core value of [ custom-blended skincare ]. We examine every of your skin’s nuances to learn about your skin’s needs for realizing a personalized skincare approach best fit for your skin. Each customized label on your personalized skincare product records a wonderful journey of authentic beauty, allowing you to feel the extensive care of custom-blending every time you use it.

mtm labo has launched our new branding last year in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed Japanese designer Mr. Kenya Hara, and the first pop-up store – “mtm labo – The Experience of [ custom-blended skincare ] ” will triumph its debut at Ocean Terminal Lobby, Harbour City, from 26 October to 7 November 2021 to awaken your skin’s authentic beauty through a series of interactive customization experiences. You may experience the personalized [ custom-blended skincare ] services and products. The pop-up store also features an Authentic Beauty Zen Garden where you can learn about Japanese aesthetics. Miniature Zen Garden Workshop and Customized Tote Bag are also presented to prepare you for the discovery of natural beauty. Let [custom-blended skincare] seamlessly connect you and your skin for a wonderful journey of true authentic beauty.

Begin your journey to authentic beauty
Authentic Beauty Zen Garden

It is a replicate of a scene from mtm labo’s video clip jointly created by Japanese designer Mr. Kenya Hara and renowned photographer Mr. Yoshihiko Ueda. In this Japanese garden, you will be shown how mtm labo’s core skincare philosophy is intractably connected to Zen aesthetics.

One-On-One Skin Consultation

The importance of a skin consultation lies in its attempt to connect you and your skin. To address skin problems arising from different causes, we analyze your skin condition with professional skin analysis devices and understand your skincare and lifestyle habits during a one-on-one consultation. We carefully identify what your skin needs and thus effectively address the root cause. Hence, each personalized [ custom-blended skincare ] solution reflects our due care for you and your skin.

Custom-Blending Area

After knowing your skincare concerns during the skin consultation, we will select the most suitable botanical extracts from our extract library to formulate your personalized skincare product, so that your skin will receive the best care. Upon the completion of product customization, each of your personalized products will be marked with a customized label, which reminds you of the extensive care of custom-blending every time you use the product. Each customized label records a wonderful journey of authentic beauty of your natural skin.

Interactive Product Showcase

In this section, various products are orderly displayed on the specific interactive showcase where you can instantly get an overview of the brand’s philosophy in the form of Japanese minimalism. Mr. Kenya Hara purposely chose deep green, a color that captures the essence of nature, as the major tone for mtm labo’s packaging. By means of rebranding design, we hope to replace our customers’ presumptions about skincare solutions with a new regard for beauty.

Miniature Zen Garden Workshop

mtm labo places great emphasis on your skin, and we would also love to share with you a way of living. Every trivial encounter in life deserves your special attention because you will gain new insight through the experience. Special workshop featuring karesansui will be held to present to you a refreshing visual delight with the backdrop of a traditional Japanese gardening landscape that reflects Zen aesthetics. Stone pebbles and white gravel, found in many different natural scenery, are used to create your own miniature Zen garden where you can take it home to calm your mind by spreading on the white gravel with a tiny wooden plough.

Customized Tote Bag

mtm labo offers you with sincerity a chance to customize your tote bag on which your name and personalized beauty quotes are printed. Come to design a unique gift for yourself.

Pop-up Store Exclusive – mtm labo homecare sets

Skincare practice is a formal routine more than simple steps. It is in fact an aspiration to pursuing a better self. Every touch of your skin is indeed a witness to daily changes of your complexion. To provide you with a perfect skincare experience, we proudly present to you our latest homecare sets exclusive to our pop-up store. With our exclusive homecare tools, the collection fills joyful anticipation with your [ custom-blended skincare ] routine by enhancing sensorial experience and self-indulgence. You will soon find skincare routines an aesthetic pleasure not to be missed.

mtm labo homecare – signature mask duo HK$2,140 (total value HK$3,552)

Utilize the advantage of two signature custom-blended masks, namely custom-blended hydrating mask and custom-blended nutriment mask, with the mask tool set for a more comprehensive skincare experience.  Dual-effects on skin moisturizing and nourishing to keep up the water, oil and nutrients balance in order to restore the elasticity for a more luminous look. Also, the custom-blended nutriment mask is launched with a new formulation.

mtm labo homecare – eye mask HK$1,880 (total value HK$3,618)

The award-winning custom-blended eye mask, specialized to take care of wrinkles and dark circles through collagen and targeted formulation.  With the well-designed platinum eye massager, it doubles the rejuvenation and penetration effect on the delicate skin around your eyes.  Awaken your eye brilliance. The platinum eye massager specially selected Pt999 platinum, which is more rare than gold, the massager plating provides the most delicate care to the sensitive skin around the eyes.

mtm labo homecare – daily care HK$1,830 – HK$2,200 (total value up to HK$4,615)

Start the basic skincare regime – cleansing, repairing and nourishing with the facial massage roller to escalate skin metabolism and to enhance skin absorption capacity. Develop a healthy skin foundation with the comprehensive daily skincare ritual.

mtm labo starts by knowing you and your unique beauty. Begin your journey to authentic beauty and customize the best product for your tender skin.