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New Popular Taiwanese Restaurant “Match2” Arrives at Harbour City
Offering a Variety of Innovative and Original Taiwanese Cuisines

11 Jul, 2024

“Match2” means to have tacit and understanding, describing the relationship of good friends. “Match2” is committed to providing the most authentic Taiwanese cuisine. We uphold the principles of sincerity, passion, and innovation to bring customers a unique dining experience. Whether it’s a classic Taiwanese snack or an innovative dish, “Match2” uses the finest ingredients and the most professional cooking techniques to present the authentic flavor, so that every customer can enjoy an unforgettable moment.


The Chinese name of new Harbour City’s store, “麻吉哩厚”, deriving from “hello” in Taiwanese dialect, is a simple greeting expressing a warm welcome and treating customers as friends. The new restaurant is situated in Tsim Sha Tsui’s iconic shopping mall, Harbour City, with a prime view of Victoria Harbour. The restaurant’s design combines modern and traditional elements, preserving Taiwan’s early days while adding a touch of modernity to create a comfortable dining atmosphere.

The menu of “Match2 ” new store is designed by Executive Chef Hin Yeung. In addition to a wide range of classic Taiwanese snacks and specialties, such as Match2 Oyster Omelette, Braised Beef Noodles, Gua Bao, Oyster Vermicelli, and Deep-fried Salt & Pepper Chicken, the restaurant also introduces various brand-new handmade dishes, such as Seared Cuttlefish Paste with Sweet Corn, Cheese Pork Cutlet, and Croffle. The restaurant continues to incorporate creativity and visual appeal into dishes, presenting an all-around quality dining experience. Whether you’re gathering with friends or looking for inspiration, Match2 is the ideal place to enjoy the authentic Taiwanese flavors and cozy dining experiences.

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