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Dim sum, comes with a beautiful literal translation of “a touch of heart.” What being housed in a bamboo basket is strictly hand-curated and often takes up to years to master – with one goal in mind, to touch one’s heart.

Cantonese dim sum dates back to centuries ago, when business travelers on the ancient Silk Road would stop and take breaks at teahouses to order small portions of food mid-journey. While the impressed travelers have taken the dim sum culture far and wide, to almost every accessible corner in the world nowadays, local patrons’ appreciation for the traditional cuisine has gone upscale too. Restaurants in Hong Kong are all eager to take up the gastronomic challenge to put their contemporary spins on the delicacies, by using seasonal ingredients and top-notch culinary skills to impress even the most discerning diners.

Oceanic Bliss

Drop everything you’re doing and make your reservation at China Tang before it’s too late. Its latest Exquisite Dim Sum Lunch Offer features over 40 traditional and contemporary dim sum choices.

A selection of seafood-themed dim sum stands out among the extensive list. There’s no better way to enter the luxe dim sum territory than with something light to prep your palate. The Lobster Rose Dumpling’s dreamy soft pink hue comes from cold brew rose water, which doubles to lend some floral and herbaceous qualities to the translucent lobster dumpling, each adorned with rose petals as a finishing touch. The dumpling is as tantalizing as it is pretty.

Work your way up to the ultimate umami. The Sea Urchin Spring Roll is filled with Australian Spanner Crab, encased in the golden crust that breaks to release the robust flavors. Savor as the buttery sea urchin and refreshing cucumber slices harmonize the snack, the experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

Be sure to leave room for the just as appetizing options, such as Wagyu Steamed Bun and Bird’s Nest on Pan Baked Tofu. Instead of the fixed basket size, the weekday lunch offers two pieces of each of your five picks from the luxurious menu so you never have to feel limited.

HEXA also offers a wide range of dim sum made with high quality seafood. Deep Fried Taro Pastry with Seafood as the starter wakes you up with freshy shrimp, scallop and octopus as main filling. What surprises you is definitely the sauce made of egg white, herbs and cream, creating a perfect combo with the crumbly smashed, fried taro paste!

Step up your game with a little “East meets West” dish! Having used Iberico and stuffed with Cordcyeps, Steamed Dumplings with Cordcyeps and Minced Pork is surely a tender, fresh and full of nutrients option to diners!

Delicate and most premium of its kind, Pork Dumpling with Abalone in Pepper Broth is the classic dim sum you don’t want to miss. The fresh and top-quality seafood wrapped skillfully in dumpling wrappers warms you up with the pepper broth.


Shanghainese Goodness, Times Three

Don’t be fooled by how humble buns and dumplings may appear on a plate. Professional chefs and amateurs alike would most definitely agree that those are among some of the hardest dim sum to perfect.

From the specific percentage of fat in the minced pork filling, down to the number of folds we see on each dumpling, it’s all science presented in the most artistic form. Crystal Jade, known for serving up quality Shanghainese cuisine, is here to battle for a spot in the predominately Cantonese dim sum arena with its pork-themed trilogy.

The Steamed Shanghai Xiao Long Bao is undoubtedly one of the most popular items on the menu. What remains debatable though, is where the best part lies – whether it’s the succulent minced pork filling, the fragrant broth, or the paper-thin dumpling skin that soaks up all the intricate flavors. Caution: Never attempt to put the entire piping hot dumpling into your mouth. It will burn your tongue.

For those who have yet to master the chopstick skills to avoid breaking the soup-filled packets of magic, the Pan-fried Pork Dumpling is a more forgiving and welcome route to go. Pan-fried on low heat for a crispy and more sturdy bottom, the dumpling is best served with the vinegar and julienned ginger dipping sauce to balance the flavors with a tang.

Not to be missed also, is the Pork Wonton with Hot Chilli Vinaigrette, for those who yearn for a spicy kick to end their meal.

Chiu Chow Dim Sum with a Modern Twist

Never overlook GāGǐNāng if you are looking for authentic Chiu Chow dim sum, but with a witty modern twist! Starting off with the healthy option of rice roll, GāGǐNāng has selected the best brown rice, which contains lots of good nutrition, for steaming and wrapped with fresh scallop & Chinese chives to fry together. That contrast of crispiness and softness is truly the taste of heaven.

How not to mention the classic congee when it comes to Chiu Chow cuisine? Congee With Dried Flounder And Minced Pork brings you a strong taste of freshness mixing dried flounder, minced pork, preserved cabbage and parsley into the congee.

Last but not least, satisfy your sweet tooth with the photogenic Steamed Sweet Potato Buns. Panda shaped Sweet Potato Bun is filled with sweet potato puree and feel so fluffy that cannot be missed!


Epitome of Continental Fare

Dim Sum Bar’s menu is like a delectable kaleidoscope of fun surprises and modern interpretations of familiar classics. Every item is reimagined and woven with chic creativity to titillate our taste buds and senses.

This one is totally for the ‘gram – Deep-fried Glutinous Rice Buns with Pork, Chicken and Crab Meat. If you’re a fan of the Hong Kong-styled Typhoon Shelter Crab for the almost overflowing crunchy mix of chili and garlic bits, you’re in luck. Presented in the most adorable crab-shaped pastry, the heady blend of flavors is just as rich and nostalgically pleasing, minus the fuss of having to crack the shells open so you can focus on being in awe.

Another inspiring fusion dim sum is the Pan-fried Turnip Cake with Dried Shrimp and Eel. The dim sum staple turnip cake is cooked to perfection with a light brown crust. Each is topped with a generous piece of eel and dressed with a glossy Japanese unagi sauce. The savory-sweet flavors sink into the turnip cake itself and meld flawlessly in your mouth.

While you’re there, treat yourself to the lavishly prepared Baked Abalone and Chicken Pastry. Braised for hours until it’s tender and richly-flavored, the whole abalone is elegantly placed on the buttery tart base. Or opt for another nourishing pastry of Bird’s Nest Egg Tart, which is another crowd-pleaser.

Instagram-worthy looks and creative flavor profiles aside, what captures our hearts most is still the experience and precious time spent with our loved ones, as we share the time-honored comfort food that is meant to touch our hearts.

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