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SAVVY PRESENTS An Artisanal Chocolate Tasting Experience from ‘SAVVY’s Chocolley’

28 Sep, 2022

This autumn, SAVVY launches an all-new afternoon tea brimming with decadent delights to satisfy guests’ taste buds. To make the experience even sweeter, the afternoon tea also includes an artisanal chocolate tasting from a trolley that will be rolled up to every table to present guests with the ultimate cocoa indulgence.

Presented on a three-tiered stand, the afternoon tea features 11 types of chef-crafted delicacies. Guests can start with savoury treats at the bottom. Highlights include the smooth and creamy Foie Gras Mousse with Feta Cheese, which is enriched by the subtle sweetness of fig jam, as well as the Crispy Prawn with Potato Floss, which features layers of deep-fried shredded potatoes for a delicate and crunchy bite. For light and healthy yet still delicious bites, guests can enjoy the Crab Meat and Red Cabbage Open Sandwich and Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Pumpernickel.

Meanwhile, sweet treats include Vanilla Éclair with Raspberry, Hazelnut Crispy Chocolate Bar, Lemon Cake, Strawberry Compote Mousse, Classic Macaron, Madeleine, as well as Raisin Scone and Plain Scone accompanied with clotted cream and jam.


The afternoon tea also features ‘SAVVY’s Chocolley’, which is presented tableside. Laden with six types of homemade chocolates, the trolley offers an indulgent tasting experience to every afternoon tea guest. The highly recommended India Spice and Masala Chocolate and Red Hot Chilli Pepper Chocolate are inspired by SAVVY’s resident Indian and Thai chefs, respectively, and are both intensely flavoured with hints of tantalising spices. Perfect for kidults, the Gummy Bear in Blue chocolate is packed with colourful gummy bears and is a delight for the eyes as well as the sweet tooth. Nut lovers, meanwhile, should try the 58% Dark Chocolate Cashew Nuts and Peanut, the 36% Milk Chocolate Hazelnut and Raisin, and the 31% White Chocolate and Pistachio Nut. After the tasting, guests can also bring home their favourite chocolate treats.

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