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Simple Joys — BRUNO Brings Classic Experiences Home

28 Jul, 2020

You’re just in time for Japanese lifestyle BRUNO, which has just opened a new store inside Harbour City. The style of BRUNO is ever changing and fun-focused, offers a lifestyle with a sense of fun. BRUNO aims to encourage people and families to gather and enjoy cooking together at the dining table. Step up your home cooking game and have fun in the process with these new creative household items.

Hot Plate — The Ultimate Party Starter

Whatever creative dinner ideas you have in mind, the Bruno compact hot plate can make it happen. Its quick heating function, vintage look and versatility make it perfect for small gatherings. Fry up full English breakfasts, slow cook one pot dishes and host your own hot pot, all using a single convenient appliance. Here are just some of the tasty dishes you can make:

Cranberry Muffin

Using the versatile hot plate’s muffin pan, fill the first two sections filled with a batter of cranberry, pancake mix, milk, egg and olive oil. To make the filling, fill the next two sections with bacon, egg and spinach and one of the last two sections with halved cherry tomatoes, mixed nuts, a dash of light soy sauce and maple syrup. Reserve the last section with a small quartered potato sprinkled with fresh rosemary to serve with the muffin.

Pumpkin Croquettes

To make the batter, combine mashed pumpkin, butter and brown sugar in a bowl. Next, add raisin, sliced almonds and mix well. In the palm of your hand, form balls around a small square of cream cheese. Next, give the balls an egg wash coating and coat with panko crumbs. With the hot plate’s Takoyaki pan, put the balls into the circles and cook the bite-size croquettes, flipping them once each side is browned.

Fried Rice

For a new take on this home cooking classic, first mix boiled spinach, carrots and bean sprouts with sesame oil and salt and set aside. Use the hot plate to brown minced pork with a touch of Korean BBQ sauce and a dollop of Gochujang. Next, lay the ingredients out on the hot plate along with your rice and crack two eggs on top. Combine all the ingredients and mix well as the rice takes on a golden appearance.

Stick Blender — Hassle-Free Meal Prep

As you tackle bigger and bigger home cooking challenges, why not make prep work a breeze with BRUNO’s multi-stick blender? This gorgeous pastel handheld blender lets you quickly transform ingredients for other dishes or simply to make your own homemade beverages! Here are just some of the things you can achieve with the mixer and its many attachments.

  • Use the crushing blade with included mixing container to combine raspberries, ice cubes and cream to make your own berry smoothies.
  • Use the chopper blade to make short work of vegetables like onions without the tears.
  • Use the beater attachment to whip up cream in no time for all your desserts.
  • Use the mixer’s default blade to blend potatoes for creamy soups or healthy homemade baby food.

Moomin Picnic Outdoor Collection — Enjoying the Outdoors from Home

And last but not least, bring the joys of the great outdoors home with the Bruno limited- edition Moomin picnic set. Let your kid’s and your own inner child’s imagination run wild as you enjoy an indoor picnic experience with family from the comfort of your home. The set includes a beautifully detailed tent, mini chair, carry cart, cooler bag and foldable leisure sheet.

When it comes to cooking more at home, BRUNO’s items definitely take a lot of the effort out while adding a hearty helping of joy and excitement. As for deciding how you’ll spend that extra time you’ll have gained with family, well, we’ll leave that one up to you!

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