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Offgod “Prosthetic Garden” Solo Exhibition @Harbour City

01 Feb, 2023

The 18-year-old young artist and fashion designer Offgod (Andrew Mok) will hold his solo exhibition, “Prosthetic Garden”, from 2 to 26 February 2023 at Gallery by the Harbour in Harbour City. The exhibition is comprised of 12 latest digital artworks the artist created, including the brand-new work “This is Art?” and collaborative works with fashion brands. The exhibition also unveils his 3D printed sculptures, which are also fashion accessories that he started creating from 2022, witnessing the development of Offgod from 2D digital arts to 3D art sculptures.

Offgod started his creative journey with his unique anime drawing art style at the age of 14 and started sharing his artworks on Instagram (@yalocaloffgod) in 2018. This rising artist, who has strong interest in Hip Pop culture and Western street style clothing, made his mark by creating album covers. He then was invited to illustrate the album covers for world-famous rappers, such as The Kid LAROI, and Juice WRLD. In the blink of an eye, Offgod has received enormous attention on the internet and even earned the admiration of the renowned fashion icon Takashi Murakami and invited by fashion brands including adidas and Bape for collaborations. His works are full of unique colours, emerging the elements that inspire him to create: American animation, street style clothing, trendy fashion brands, and Hong Kong culture.

Reveal 12 Digital Artworks and 14 3D Printed Sculptures – AirPods Max Accessories

“Prosthetic Garden” exhibition showcases 12 artworks Offgod created digitally in 2022, including the brand-new work “This is Art?” and collaborative works with fashion brands adidas and Bape. The latest works mainly depict fashion trends and the eye-catching outfits of Generation Z. And there are also some doodles he has done for practicing outfit studies, perspective drawings, and colouring.


The young artist is enthusiastic about Hip Pop and Rap, which made AirPods Max his favourite headphones and they have become his must-have items when he heads out. With creative imagination, he designed the 3D printed accessories for his headphones in 2022 with the idea of the organic forms of different subjects. The art pieces became his personal accessories to ride on his everyday outfit. The creation took the social media by storm when Offgod shared the initial design of the 3D printed sculpture and he earned support from celebrities as well. “Melting Marshmallow” is the first designed sculpture and also his favourite that he wears a lot.

3D printed headphone accessories are the pioneer of his stepping into the fashion world. Offgod believes that fashion and accessories are the channels that lead his designs to go beyond the digital world and get in touch with his creations in the real world. Therefore, Offgod started to work on different sculpture accessories and explore the 3D world. In this exhibition, Offgod brings the first appearance of his 3D printed sculptures, including 10 designs of AirPods Max headphone sculptures, 1 shoes sculpture accessory, 2 Apple Studio Display sculptures, and 1 bag sculpture accessory. They are all created by Offgod using Nomad Sculpt, the software of iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil.

“This is Art?” The emergence of “artworks” created by AI has brought different options in the art industry. Offgod brings up the issue by creating this work and leaves a question mark to let everyone join the discussion. “People are now able to code AI to make art and there has been a debate against whether that should be considered wrong compared to a person putting great effort into creating a piece of original art.” Offgod said.
“Zebra Crossing” Offgod depicts the characteristics of Hong Kong in detail through this “mirror selfie”, such as zebra crossings, convex mirror, and road signs. “In this artwork, I really want to experiment and play around with perspectives and angles, thus I drew this piece of art through a fisheye lens style by adding a convex mirror.” Offgod said.

Offgod “Prosthetic Garden” Solo Exhibition @Harbour City

Date: 2 – 26 February 2023
Time: 11am – 10pm
Venue: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)