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Over 35 artworks showcase the dynamic of Hong Kong

When it comes to the dynamic of Hong Kong, apart from its economics, tourist and daily activities, the intangible culture, history and energy is deeply rooted in the heart of the city. From now until 16 January, Art of Nature is delighted to present “The Living Thread of Hong Kong” at Gallery by the Harbour, which is the first ever joint exhibition of 3 local artists – Wong Hau Kwei, Shen Ping and Yick Hang. Over 35 ink and watercolor artworks, including first time exhibited and newly created artworks this year, convey the artists’ sentiments related to Hong Kong, and aim at recalling the viewer’s memories and feelings related to Hong Kong.  

Depicting various scenes of Hong Kong at different periods

With their love for and memories of the city, three artists deliver phases and atmospheres of Hong Kong in their series of works, connecting the living thread that supports the momentum of this city’s urban life. The works capture Hong Kong in different periods and scenes with their unique styles and carry their strong love for the city.

Wong’s ink works combine Chinese and Western aesthetics; his rare choices of color and perspectives become his art symbols. His rendering of mountains, water, and fog shows Hong Kong’s natural beauty: its tranquility and delicacy, ethereal and majestic, characterizing Hong Kong’s vastness and spirit of tolerance. Shen Ping’s expression of time passing in Hong Kong is a multi-cultural blend, colorful and close to the experience and scenes of urban life. Yick Hang pursues an unpretentious and fresh realm in her ink works. The rendering ink and abstract lines express the hazy beauty of Victoria Harbour and buildings over the city. The cityscape and its happening, combined with the artist’s innocent spirit, convey her unconfined artistic language.

Artistic interpretation on Victoria Harbour

One-third of artworks are first time exhibited in Hong Kong. The artworks reflect their observations and feelings of the city. Three artists coincidentally created the Victoria Harbour themed artworks, where it is one of Hong Kong’s landmarks. From the artists’ vision, they deduced the delicate emotions and the personality of the city through creation. Wong’s “Victoria’s Sunset” is inspired by the sunlight shining on the boat sailing in Victoria Harbour, the time and scene in his paintings seems to flow slowly as if it almost stops, which presents the serene sides of Hong Kong. The inspiration of Shen’s “Victoria’s Dusk” comes from the antique fishing boat and modern buildings simultaneously appearing in the typhoon shelter of Causeway Bay. The contradiction induces his creation, the incredible artwork represents pluralism of Hong Kong. Yick Hang often indulges in the night scenes of Victoria Harbour, the dreamy colors of “Sparkling Light” not only captures the stunning night scenes, but also conveys her best wishes toward Hong Kong.

“The Living Thread of Hong Kong”

Date: 5 January – 16 January 2022

Time: 11am – 10pm

Venue: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui)