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Gallery by the Harbour is pleased to present Oishii Everyday, the first overseas exhibition by popular Japanese foodie artist Maomomiji this summer from 8 July to 1 August 2021, featuring a series of 30 digital paintings of daily gourmet food.

Entering the exhibition, the audience will find a “manually rotating menu” serving different types of food at different hours of the day. The illustrations are occasionally enlivened by Maomomiji’s raccoon emoticons, symbolising the foodie artist himself on a constant expedition for good food.

To learn more about the dishes, move forward to visit a “food map” outlining the nuanced flavours that distinguish the streets and lanes of each district. Finally, come to the “dining table” to enjoy the “feast” with your fellow visitors to complete a sumptuous visual food journey. The exhibition reminds us of the pleasure food brings us every day.

After his graduation from Musashino Art University’s oil painting stream, Maomomiji pursued artistic development in multiple fields including advertising and writing. He focused on creating digital food drawings and collaborated with various renowned brands, including Wacom, PARCO, Lumine, Gakken, Seven-Eleven Japan. In 2019, he started updating his Instagram with food-themed illustrations every day. From mouth-watering pancakes to masterly-crafted sushi, hearty all day breakfast to sizzling skewers, Maomomiji’s drawings are bound to entice the audience’s appetite: That looks delicious!


“I love food as well as drawing. Food that has a glossy or fluffy look excites me. With the help of the Harbour City team, I have produced a series of food drawings for the exhibition. I hope when you visit this exhibition, you can indulge yourselves in the world of gourmet food and find joy in my works. Whether it is your eyes or your mood, they will be greatly satisfied!” said Mamomiji.

All exhibits at the exhibition are for sale. In addition, food-themed products are available in a limited quantity. Revisit your favourite Japanese daily dishes at “Oishii Everyday”!

“Oishii Everyday” Food Illustration Exhibition by Maomomiji
Date: From 8 July 1 August 2021
Time: 11am – 10pm
Venue: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)