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Pandora’s 2024 brand initiative, “BE LOVE”, kicks off with a captivating melody, launching a grand global campaign to celebrate the power of love. This year, Pandora showcases how love takes root and blossoms in the city of Hong Kong. We convey our unwavering belief in love and care with Pandora’s one-of-a-kind jewellery. In the densely populated yet warm-hearted city of Hong Kong, the BE LOVE HONG KONG campaign aims to showcase the journey of continuous growth and self-discovery, using the city’s distinctive local sentiments. Every corner, every place of the city, holds a different love story. Love is not just a concept, but a lived experience – striving to live in the present and make the most of each day, constantly making this city a better place, enriching our lives and fostering connections and understanding between people. Love is manifested in our every action, every moment of our daily lives.

BE LOVE HONG KONG Jewellery – Blending Local Culture, Creating Unique Jewellery

Pandora’s latest BE LOVE HONG KONG jewellery incorporates Hong Kong’s unique local sentiments, featuring numerous cultural elements of the city in the jewellery designs. Through a comprehensive range of jewellery, Pandora encourages the public to find their own preferences and stories from the Hong Kong-inspired sentiments, and express themselves through these distinctive jewellery pieces, fulfilling our core objective of BE LOVE – giving a voice to people’s loves, and sharing the stories and experiences you hold dear.


We showcase Hong Kong-inspired designs, skillfully blending traditional elements with modern aesthetics. Each jewellery piece carries a unique story. Inspired by Hong Kong’s rich culture and vibrant city features, the jewellery pieces are crafted based on iconic local landmarks and symbolic items, showcasing the city’s distinctive jewellery through dynamic designs. Celebrate the bright lights and bustling energy of Hong Kong with newly exclusive & iconic Hong Kong Neon Sign Dangle Charm. Inspired by the glowing signs on the streets of Hong Kong and the bright lights of the city’s iconic skyline, this sterling silver charm features the characters “香港” (Hong Kong) on one side with fluorescent orange enamel that glows under UV light.

This season, Pandora Moments introduces the new Brown Braided Double Leather Bracelet that wraps around twice and closes with a 925 sterling silver carabiner clasp. With one end featuring a sliding metal cap for bracelet length adjustment; the other end featuring an openable metal cap for securing charms, creating a customised bracelet symbolising meaning connections. Another 925 sterling silver handcrafted grain-patterned snake chain bracelet featuring a flexible design that exudes texture, the openable heart-shaped clasp is adorned with an infinity symbol detail, making it a stylish and meaningful accessory.

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