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PANDORA unveils “BE LOVE,” a new brand campaign that celebrates the transformative power of Love

25 Mar, 2024

PANDORA announces the new brand platform BE LOVE, launched today with a major global campaign featuring an iconic roster of beloved talents, artists and rising stars.

Strongly centered in the belief that Love is a verb and an action, the multi-season campaign presents Love as more than just a feeling – it is something one does, lives, embodies and embraces.  Showcased throughout the campaign, BE LOVE is an invitation to move throughout the world with love.

With a range of Pandora jewellery collections that feature unique designs crafted with high-quality materials such as sterling silver, 14K gold (solid and plated), murano glass and lab-grown diamonds, the BE LOVE campaign emphasizes Pandora as a complete jewellery brand for anyone looking to add sparkle to their life regardless of an occasion or holiday.


An all-star cast featuring three new global ambassadors

BE LOVE introduces Pandora’s two new global brand ambassadors: sisters and artists Chloe and Halle Bailey.

Joining them in the campaign are multinational talents including artist and model Sasha Pivovarova; model couple Aviana McClish and Colin Alexander; rising face Jocelyn Corona; friends and models Saiyan Marley, Yumi Nu, Salem Mitchell and Thara; as well as couple, model Meghan Collison and Jack Spencer.

Pandora believes Love comes in many forms. For Chloe, BE LOVE means, “Being your complete, whole self and loving that.”

For Halle BE LOVE is: “Unconditional, infinite love. Something that is never ending, that you know is always there. Never questioned — no matter if you fall off a cliff, she’s there to catch you.”

“For Pandora, love is more than a day on the calendar – it’s more personal and encompassing than that.  It starts with each of us, and it is embodied in how we live our lives. That is the essence of our new BE LOVE brand campaign. It brings to life our brand purpose of giving a voice to people’s loves. This is beautifully embodied by our new brand ambassadors, Chloe Bailey and Halle Bailey. And our jewellery is not only expertly crafted for every occasion and for every day, it is also a vehicle for sharing and commemorating the people, moments, places, interests and dreams that we love.”  Pandora’s CMO, MC Gasco-Buisson.


A campaign video with a special song

BE LOVE’s accompanying video drives the concept of “Lived Love” with footage featuring the entire campaign talent cast. The video was directed by Academy Award nominee Sophia Nahli Allison alongside executive producer and two-time Grammy Award winner Melina Matsoukas.

It is set to a re-recorded version of the classic Bee Gees track, “To Love Somebody,” this time sung by Chloe and Halle Bailey especially for the BE LOVE campaign.

In the video, Pandora global brand ambassador Chloe and Halle are singing affectionately together, bejeweled in custom pieces made from Pandora jewellery. Model Sasha Pivovarova is seen painting a large-scale abstract portrait in uplifting colours, while Thara, Salem Mitchell, Saiyan Marley and Jocelyn Corona enjoy time together dancing at a nightclub.

Throughout the video, Pandora’s collections are heavily layered together – showcasing the brand as an enabler of self-expression, creative freedom and joy.


The BE LOVE creative team

Conceived by Baron & Baron, the BE LOVE campaign is the collective work of an industry-leading creative team. Joining Nahli Allison and Matsoukas are photographers Craig McDean and Raymond Meier. McDean was responsible for principal model imagery, while Meier captured still life and close-up photography.

Stylist Rae Boxer in partnership with artist Grete Henriette created the custom-made pieces worn by Chloe and Halle Bailey in the campaign video.

Visionary sister duo Tanya and Zhenya Posternak captured additional imagery. Many of the designs they photographed include PANDORA lab-grown diamonds, adding radiance to a campaign already rich in layers of jewellery and style.


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