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Going into the 3/F of Gateway Arcade from Ocean Centre, you’ll be instantly mesmerized by a bright pink set up. Looking closer, you’ll realize it’s the latest pop-up store of the local beauty brand, PITANIUM, which is here to give you a series of unique hair and “Makeup Care” products.

A combination of “pink”and “titanium”, “PITANIUM” is an expression of “different”, as the brand says, “everything is fancy in pink but resistant to corrosion just like titanium”. To PITANIUM, There are no more boundaries about age and colour tone. It would not be like the traditional way to do whitening but ‘Pinkening’.

On top of that, it is determined to make ‘skin-supplements’ instead of just ‘skin-care’. Not only does it cares about your skin, but also your user experience, and how every single product work, in order to tackle every single problem you may have, working from the bottom up. To create innovative products of the highest quality and efficacy, it sources ingredients from suppliers across the globe.

Now visit the pop-up store and enjoy free Pi-Analyse scalp analysis, which zooms in 600 times to examine the scalp and hair to help you understand all kinds of problems you may have and learn how to tackle, including hair loss, excess of hair oil, smell, itchiness , head sores and allergy. After the analysis, you can receive a Pitanium Scalp recovery kit, which helps recover and revive your scalp to the best state.

Developed with professional Japanese hair growing formula, brands’ hair & scalp care products effectively penetrate the hair and hair follicle, and therefore create and maintain a perfect growing environment for the hair and scalp. Let’s take a look at the heroes!

Pi-Scaling Shampoo helps prevent hair loss caused by color conditioners, hair care product sensitivity, and natural oiliness; Pi-Revive Shampoo prevents hair loss while being gentle to sensitive hair scalp; Pi-Regrow Shampoo contains NO amino acid ingredients that cleanse the hair and scalp, preventing dryness and red spots.

Pi-Cooling Conditioner deeply nourishes and hydrates your hair and scalp, promoting healthier hair growth.

Never Fragile Hair & Never Frizzy Hair, HK$480/150ml each

Never Frizzy Hair delivers the restorative properties in nourishes and revitalizes from roots to ends. It enriches hair’s strength, elasticity and resiliency are restored. It showers your hair with essential nutrients that naturally effectively smoothing the hair to stop frizz and adding radiant shine for all hair types.

Never Fragile Hair is crafted for healthier, stronger and visibly shinier hair. It is great for dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair, making hair softer and more manageable. Expertly formulated to dramatically transform hair texture by hydrating, smoothing and reducing frizz. Deep conditioning and hair thickening formula for all hair types.

Pi-Recovery Base is a textured foundation applies lightly onto the skin to conceal imperfections without caking and provides a long-lasting dewy coverage with UV Protection (SPF 50+/PA+++).

Flawless starts with primer! The silky formula of Pi-Chilling Primer leaves your face with a natural matte finish. It will leave your skin with a smooth, even texture. Its fresh and non-greasy texture allows your skin to breathe while strengthening make-up hold. Your originality is omniscient and we are enlivened by what makes you extraordinary.

Never Cake Face– Brightening + Wrinkle Care + UV Protection (SPF 50+/PA+++) is a dual cushion with moist smoothing gel base meticulously fills the dips and hollows of the skin to create a smooth and refined skin surface.

Have you tried all kinds of products just to find that they are not right for you? Now pay a visit to PITANIUM, and maybe you’ll find your new holy grails!

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