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Hong Kong’s First Pixar Fest @Harbour City Celebrates 35 Years of Pixar

18 Jun, 2021

In celebration of Pixar’s 35th anniversary and the release of its latest original animated feature, Luca, Harbour City is joining hands with Disney and Pixar once again to bring you Hong Kong’s first Pixar Fest from 30 June to 15 August!

Harbour City has selected 12 of Pixar’s movies and will set up special movie scenes throughout the mall, including Toy Story 4, Monsters University, Finding Dory, and Soul, to reminisce about the memorable movies and shorts over the years, and the values of epic adventure, friendship, and more.

 On the other hand, the iconic Pixar Ball and Lamp installation, which is of the same size as that in its headquarters in California, will make its first appearance in Hong Kong.In addition to multiple photo spots, Harbour City has created a series of interactive activities, including AR check-ins and an online game, connecting the real and virtual world across offline and online platforms, offering multidimensional experiences for everyone to enjoy 35 years of Pixar moments. Above all, you can level up your magical movie journey experience through two distinct routes. Upon completion, you can redeem limited-edition souvenirs!

Pixar Ball and Lamp’s First Appearance in Hong Kong, Win Surprise Gifts by Social Media Check-Ins on Designated Dates and Scenes

Harbour City will take you on an eventful movie journey of Pixar through mesmerizing photo spots featuring 12 of Pixar’s animations across the mall. Entering Ocean Terminal Forecourt, you will discover a 3.4 meters high Pixar logo and a 7 meters high Pixar Fest arch in layering design, painted in the iconic red, yellow and blue colors from Pixar Ball, with images of Pixar’s characters.

Immerse in the Movie World at 5 Classic Scene Check Points Incorporated with AR Photo Check-Ins

Apart from taking pictures on-site with the movie characters’ statues, you can also capture the hidden characters through augmented reality (AR) at 5 check points, including Finding Dory, Incredibles 2, Monsters University, Toy Story 4 and Up. Immerse in the world of Pixar’s animations by downloading the mobile app “Harbour Cityzen” for free, turning on the “AR Fun” camera, and scanning the movie logos to trigger the characters to show up! Then you can take pictures with them just as you are in the movies!

Download the Mobile App now:


Revisit Pixar’s Movies and Shorts and Reminisce about the Memorable Moments

Besides physical photo spots, Pixar Fest is also bringing you the screenings of selected movie clips! Harbour City has hand-picked the iconic scenes from Ratatouille and WALL•E complementing the 3D decorations, putting you in the middle of the movie scenes.

Outside the window at the zone of Ratatouille is the beautiful landscape of Paris. And there is a 3D kitchen for your “secret cooking lesson” to become the best chef in town! The zone of WALL•E is decorated in the theme of dumpsite on Earth and the space. Come and embark on a mission to bring lives back onto the Earth with WALL•E and Eve! Grab the time to take snaps at the intervals!

In addition to the feature films, Pixar has also created numerous Pixar Shorts which are very familiar to the fans. Come and enjoy these creative theatrical shorts!

For the mall to implement crowd controls and monitor numbers, visitors will be required to pre-register online at KLOOK, and will be required to have their body temperature checked and hands sanitized before entering the check point.


Time: 11am – 8pm (30 minutes per session)

Location: Shop 2131-2, Level 2, Gateway Arcade

Book at KLOOK online platform now!


  1. Visitors will be admitted in groups of four or according to the updated guidelines.
  2. On-site online registration will be opened only if there is available space in the check point.

Discover Your Soul and Take Pictures On-Site Together

In Soul, Joe accidentally discovers that new souls need to undergo training at The Great Before and search for its spark. Within the campaign period, you can create your own little Soul and share it on social media platforms. Your Soul will appear on the big screen on-site along with others as well! Scan the QR code and find your Soul back! Professional shooting has been arranged for your picture time together!


Operating Hours of the Screen: 11am – 8pm

Location: Shop 2125, Level 2, Gateway Arcade

Game Site:

Express Your Mood at the Emotion Headquarters

While adults tend to share their moods with others on social media, kids can share how they feel at the check point of Inside Out! Just as each character represents a specific mood in the movie, you can pick the respective character’s sticker and put it on the wall!

Time: 11am – 8pm

Location: Atrium I, Gateway Arcade

Race with McQueen at Harbour City Cup

The legendary Lightning McQueen is back on track. Come and practice the twists and turns with McQueen at the track! Enjoy the Remote Control “Cars 3” Lightning McQueen Turbo Racer test drive*. Besides the race, kids can get on the McQueen toy cars for photos and be the new legendary racer on track!


Time: 11am – 8pm
Location: Atrium, G/F, Ocean Terminal
Fee*: HK$20
Remarks: The game is for kids aged 12 or under. Sessions will be set up while quota will be arranged on a first-come, first-served basis.

Go Across the Land of the Dead with Miguel

An aspiring young musician, Miguel, is accidentally transported to the Land of the Dead and comes across his skeletal ancestors. Bring your family members to capture the family portrait with Miguel in this magical land, and surprises may appear behind you!

Time: 10am – 10pm

Location: Ocean Terminal Main Concourse

Two Routes to Make the Movie Journey Even More Memorable

Discover the Pixar Character in You and Emboss Your Own Stamps on Thematic Postcards

To complete your movie journey with a perfect touch, Harbour City has two routes planned for you. Each Pixar character has its own traits. Have you ever thought of being or feel connected to one of them? You can join the “Which Pixar Character Are You?” Personality Test to discover the Pixar character in you! In addition, you can get a Pixar Fest Postcards Set (total of 12 Postcards), travel around the mall to all Embossing Stamp Station Hotspots to emboss and collect commemorative stamps on different postcards for memories. Upon completion of the route(s), you can redeem extra Pixar premiums!


  Route to Pixar Character in You Route to Collect Commemorative Embossed Stamps
Content Redeem a Pixar Fest fiber towel, graffiti wristband, and one “Which Pixar Character Are You?” Personality Test form with HK$50*. Submit your completed Personality Test form to the staff and get your test result. Redeem an extra Pixar Fest A4 folder upon registration as Harbour Cityzen member and with extra HK$20*. Redeem one Pixar Fest Postcards Set (total of 12 Postcards) with HK$50*. Show to the staff all stamped postcards (all commemorative stamps must be embossed correctly on corresponding postcards) to redeem one Pixar Fest poster, upon registration as Harbour Cityzen member and with extra HK$20*.
Time 11am – 8pm
Location 1)      Ocean Terminal Main Concourse

2)      Atrium I, Gateway Arcade

*All net proceeds from “Pixar Fest” will benefit Make-A-Wish Hong Kong.

Pixar Fest Pop-Up Store Selling Over a Thousand Pixar Movies-Themed Merchandise

Pixar Fest Pop-Up Store will be selling over a thousand Pixar Movies-Themed Merchandise, including figures, tableware, tote bags, T-shirts and a series of Hot Toys Toy Story Cosbaby And CosRider, along with sweets made by Kingsley Desserts & Gourmandises to keep you cool for the summer. Moreover, there are various photo taking spots including a Jumbo Size Lotso CosRider! (Please refer to the appendixes for detailed product catalogues)

In addition, customers with spending of HK$200 or above at Pixar Fest Pop-Up Store can present the original same-day receipt to redeem a pack of Toy Story Cosbaby Stickers at Hot Toys Rebel (Shop 4017, Level 4, Gateway Arcade) and enjoy 5% discount for the Cosbaby series. First-come-first-served, while stock lasts. Don’t miss it!

Time: 12nn – 9pm
Location: Ocean Terminal Main Concourse

Crossover Merchandise Created with Brands at Harbour City and Exclusive Shopping Privileges

Within the campaign period, several brands at Harbour City will offer time-limited thematic merchandise and exclusive shopping privileges. Please ask corresponding shop staff for more details.

# Brand Products & Offers Shop Address
1 Adidas adidas Originals x Disney x Pixar Collection Shop 4102, Level 4, Gateway Arcade
2 Chow Tai Fook Chow Tai Fook Disney/Pixar Toy and Pixar Collection Shop OT207-8, Level 2, Ocean Terminal
3 GigaSports Catalog x HEROCROSS Collection

(To be launched in mid-August)

Shop OT226-229 & 242, Level 2, Ocean Terminal
4 Hot Toys Rebel Base Toy Story Cosbaby (S) Collection Shop 4017, Level 4, Gateway Arcade
5 PANDORA Disney/Pixar Charms and Dangle Charms Shop 3306B, Level 3, Gateway Arcade