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The very first Kowloon flagship store of the Japanese prestigious brand POLA has finally opened at Harbour City in a modern, luxurious style, echoing the theme of its 2020 Online Art Gallery, by integrating the artwork “Flowers of Anima” created by Japanese floral artist Mr. Makoto Azuma. In the artwork, glory, decay as well as the rejoicing and sprouting of the next generation of each plant are captured in time-lapse, expressing the vibrancy of life, and the expansion of possibilities beyond the limits of our sensibilities.

With more than 90 years of resplendent history, POLA has been implementing the brand premise of “Science‧Art‧Love”. The founder, Mr. Shinobu Suzuki noticed rough skin on his wife’s hands one day and found no suitable products in the market. Thereafter he made his own hand cream and gave to his wife as a present. His own brand POLA, originates not from trade, but the “Love” for his wife and for everyone.

Mr. Suzuki is a chemist, who wishes to cater to the needs of every female through the study of “Science”. Therefore, the brand has set up its own research centre for innovative bioscience research with accumulative over 18,000,000 real skin data. While these facilities of course engage in studies of the skin, they also conduct anti-aging research focused on individuals.

POLA Museum of Art in Hakone

Meanwhile, POLA lives in the spirit of “Art”, through actively supporting culture and the arts. The POLA Museum of Art in Hakone and the POLA Museum of Art Annex in Ginza Tokyo house a wide variety of art pieces and collectables. The POLA Research Institute of Beauty and Culture has built a history of research into a wide range of topics related to cosmetics, with a focus on aspects that include makeup, women, and aesthetic sense.

The brand has released an upgrade version of its hero, B.A collection into the 6th generation, which repairs and revitalizes the skin effectively with the help of two prestigious ingredients, Amaranthus Caudatus Rosma and Golden LP. The former effectively lifts up the skin and makes it resilient, while the latter supports plump firmness.

Apart from products for external use, edible beauty products,   are also available, ranging from whitening, lifting, hydrating to health boosting, and therefore giving the skin a healthy glow from within.

Before checking out, don’t forget to snap up the brand’s makeup products too!

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