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Red Wing Shoes Company established in 1905 and has its own leather factory, S.B. Foot Leather Tannery to dye their own leather, each shoe is handmade in USA. In the fall of 2019, Red Wing opened the long-awaited first Flagship Store in Hong Kong and located in the fashion-oriented shopping malls Habour City.

Carrying out Red Wing’s traditional craft focus, the designs are focused on Wood, Leather, and Cement, in order to bring out the American Style.

Meanwhile, the wall in the store is made of the proudest material of Red Wing’s, their leather which makes the store so grand and different. Alongside with the famous Red Wing Logo in neon, American Modern Fashion atmosphere is in the air.

The design details of the women’s shoes included a lot of modifications to match the girls as using lighter and softer leather, adding a more comfortable foam-filled cushion, softer and lighter Traction Tred soles and re-modification to become lighter.

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