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Roar-some Picks Every Young T-rex Fan Deserves

27 Jun, 2022

If you have yet to see the talk-of-town Tyrannosaurus rex (T-rex) installation in person, it’s time to plan ahead for some serious wholesome weekend fun with your little ones, as they get up-close and personal to the massive creature at Harbour City, where you can discover also, an array of dinosaur-themed merchandise tailored for the young fans of the extinct creatures.


🌴Build your own prehistoric world

If the huge installation has inspired you and your kiddo to create a cozy dino corner at home, Bimbo Concept is where your little one can build a proud collection.

LONDJI Discover The Dinosaurs 200-piece puzzle, for instance, makes a challenging game to train the 8 to 12 year-olds’ cognitive and fine motor skills. The most rewarding part, though, would have to be the big revelation of two different universes as one views the completed puzzle through the red and blue magnifying glasses that come with the set.

Younger toddlers, meanwhile, can get creative with the Konges Slojd Dino Fabric Book and Rex London Prehistoric Land Colouring Pencils as they unleash their artistic side.

🌴Surprise, surprise!

My Little Korner’s Jumbo Dino Egg is the perfect gift for the little paleontologists. A total of 12 small dino eggs are hidden in the giant dino eggs ready to be excavated with the chisel, brush and mallet that comes with the kit. Learning cards with characteristics of the 12 different toy dinosaurs are going fulfill the quest for knowledge about dinosaurs for the mini scientist-to-be.

Another surprise is the Dino Egg Bath Bombs. Drop the egg-shaped bath bombs into the tub as your little one watches the toy dinosaur emerges from the water, to turn the bath time into a fun-filled educational experience as they discover the tyrannosaur family.

🌴Crushing bite to match

The prehistoric beast is ready for mealtime. Bimbo Concept’s Konges Slojd Dinner Set, which consists of two plates/ bowl, a cup, a spoon, and a fork – is here to spice up any meal with simple dinosaur designs against the neutral sand shade. The entire lightweight and shatterproof dinnerware set is also dishwasher safe to make any mama’s life easier.

Encouraging children to drink more water can be challenging, but letting your little one pick out their favorite water bottle may serve as a good start. X-plus has in store two fun water bottles that are certainly intriguing to kids who are fascinated by dinosaurs. Both the Contigo Gizmo Autospout and Kambukka Laggon Kids Water Bottles come with a protective spout shield to keep the spout hygienic while ensuring your child stays hydrated all day.

🌴Dress to impress

Refresh the summer wardrobe with a lineup of dinosaur fashion pieces so your kid can roam around like a proud fashionista.

The dinosaur tee from Momonittu, available in two shades, transforms a usually ferocious creature into the most innocent-looking character your little one would love to show off everyday. The 3D appliqué as the cute dino’s hands adds a unique touch to the design effortlessly.

Enjoy the summer fun with Winghouse Korea’s 3D T-rex backpack from Organic mom. The super adorable T-rex can be removed as a plush toy or attached to the spacious backpack as your toddler hop around to explore the world of paleontological wonders.

🌴Dinosaur Hunt!

Kids love treasure hunt! Starting from now on to 17 July 2022 (every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holiday), participants may explore the dinosaur stamps scattered in eight different corners of Ocean Terminal, collect all the designated dinosaur-cartoons stamps and may redeem a set of eight dinosaur flash cards and Dinosaur Hunter Certificate upon completion of several tasks. More details

Head to Harbour City with your little one this weekend, as you marvel at the T-rex outdoor installation and embark on a journey to learn about the ultimate predator of the prehistoric world!

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