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Savour the flavour of sweetness with your valentine

09 Feb, 2018

We all know that Valentine’s Day is approaching; however, this year’s Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year are only a few days apart. What’s the best way to utilize this time wisely to celebrate with our loved ones? If you’re trying to think outside the box this year, visit Harbour City. There are a variety of festive treats and luxurious desserts available to enjoy. This will definitely become the most satisfying Valentine’s Day for both of you!

Valentine’s Softcream @ Sweet House Cha Cha
Fall in love with Sweet House Cha Cha’s Valentine’s Softcream made with homemade strawberry pudding and Softcream topped with fresh strawberries and chocolate.

Cova Pasticceria & Confetteria
Passionate Hearts (Three layers of red sponge cake with fresh raspberries in fresh cream) & Precious Love (Thin short pastry base, smooth chocolate mousse, top with a glossy glaze)

Rose Opéra @ DALLOYAU
With love as the secret ingredient, this DALLOYAU classic is transformed into a Valentine’s Day pink delight with layers of almond joconde, raspberry and rose buttercream, 70% dark chocolate ganache and a hint of rose essense.

Amaou Special Tea Set @ Hattendo
Hattendo has launched the Amaou Special Tea Set for two this Valentine’s Day which consists of a variety of fresh Amaou desserts. You can enjoy both the sweetness of Amaou and freshness of Yame Gyokuro at the same time.

Japanese Amao Chocolate Strawberry @ iCREMERiA
iCREMERiA’s new exclusive Valentine’s Day ice cream flavor is a blend of full-bodied French Valrhona chocolate and fresh fruity strawberry. A perfect Japanese Amao Strawberry is delicately placed on top along with a light dusting of chocolate powder.

Bain de Roses Tea Infused Macarons @ Tea WG
Satisfy your Valentine’s sweet tooth with Tea WG’s Bain de Roses Tea infused macarons. These special macarons consist of a luscious jam infused with Bain de Roses Tea, a sensual Darjeeling blended with fragrant roses and hints of vanilla.

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