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Sun-Kissed Summer @Harbour City

20 Jun, 2018

Lipstick is an essential for women’s daily life! Starting from Jun 28th to July 22th, Harbour City presents “Sun Kissed Summer – lipstick art exhibition” in the Atrium II of Gateway Arcade.  We are honored to invite the renowned American lipstick artist – “Lipstick Lex” to have her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Lex will also use over ten thousands kisses to create her largest piece of kiss print “Victoria Harbour Sunset” for this exhibition.

“Sun Kissed Summer – lipstick art exhibition” will now exhibit 22 pieces of Lex artworks of which more than half is newly created for this exhibition. The inspiration behind this new series comes from the animals and plantations in Florida’s tropical environment such as Flamingo, Sea Turtles, Plum trees and pineapples etc.  Her artwork combines the colorful lipstick colors and kiss prints in order to spread a positive message of love, merriment, beauty and feel-good vibes all around. Besides, Lex is using the theme of “Victoria Harbour” to tailor make her giant artwork – “Victoria Harbour Sunset” for this exhibition. This is the largest piece which she has ever created, 3-meters long, made by more than ten thousand kiss prints and over 20 brands lipsticks. The drawing is about a beautiful sunset scene with a sailboat sailing to Victoria Harbour.

Besides, customers are welcome to take photos with a giant LED lip photo booth and an American tropical decoration set up at Gateway Atrium II.

Alexis Fraser, a.k.a. Lipstick Lex, is an artist from the United States, Florida. Starting at an early age, Lex enjoyed and excelled at creating art in fun and interesting methods. Back in 2012 Lex was challenged to create a portrait of Marilyn Monroe, utilizing a non-traditional method that would still correlate with Marilyn. Utilizing 100% lipstick and her fair share of kiss prints, Lex soon launched her alternative contemporary art brand, “Lipstick Lex”! By utilizing a full colour palette of lipstick shades, and creating vibrant and conversational art, she stands out in a sea of international artists and is favored by international make-up cosmetic brands as a “lipstick artist”. Videos showing her unique lipstick painting skills have also gone viral in Youtube and IG. Lex has previously exhibited her works in Japan, Europe, Canada and the United States; and has held speaking engagements discussing her artworks mission.

“Sun Kissed Summer – lipstick art exhibition”

Date: Jun 28th – July 22th, 2018

Time: 10am- 10pm

Venue: Atrium II, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City