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Taiwan’s Innovative Quan Alley Hotpot Experience Launches at Harbour City

15 Oct, 2018

Quan Alley has been famous for elevating the hot pot experience into a culinary art form through an emphasis on visuals and aesthetics in addition to Taiwanese flavours. This innovative concept is poised to reinterpret the traditional hot pot culture and bring the hot pot dining scene in Hong Kong to new heights.

Signature Yin Yan Hot pot
Ice pop

Landing in Hong Kong for the first time ever, Quan Alley will continue their tradition of treating customers to a banquet of both taste and visual sensations featuring a range of meticulously prepared artisan hot pot items, such as Pork Rose, Ice pops, Lollipop, etc. Another highlight of the new branch is Almond Daisies, a hugely popular item which was discontinued in the Taiwan branches for few years, used to be a defining item at Quan Alley, now available exclusively at the new Hong Kong branch. And last but not least, Quan Alley has brought forth their signature taste bud shocker – hotpot soup base, Crimson Pit, which is known for its layered flavours that elicit hotness from an initial numbness.

Pineapple cake
Quan Alley
Quan Alley

Not only is food quality a priority at Quan Alley, it also endeavours to take customers’ breath away with the design and ambient of the restaurant. The antique grand wooden doors from more than a century back were once a part of an affluent Taiwanese family estate. It was shipped in one piece directly from Taiwan to Hong Kong. Likewise, the dedication in pursuit of delivering the best hotpot experience possible is reflected by the decor of the restaurant, down to the pattern of the alley tiles, the volumes and coverage of the sound system with the coordination of lighting as well as the antique items and plaques on display are from the private collection of Mr. Tai.

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