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Takada Akemi Art Show “Memories of Magic” @Harbour City

31 Aug, 2023

Deeply ingrained in the hearts of many, the classic Japanese anime series Magical Angel Creamy Mami has become a legendary icon for a generation. In honour of the 40th anniversary of Creamy Mami, Art and Piece” specially collaborates with “Zu and Pi” to host Takada Akemi Art Show “Memories of Magic” at the Gallery by the Harbour from 1 September to 24 September 2023.

This solo art show of renowned Japanese artist Takada Akemi returns to Hong Kong again after 31 years. The theme is tailored to Hong Kong’s mesmerizing night scenery, transforming the starry night sky into the enchanting stage of Creamy Mami. A total of 19 original paintings and over 30 prints of Takada are displayed in two phases, in which some of them are also available for sale. In addition, limited-edition Creamy Mami figure and art prints are specially launched for the exhibition. Fans can also purchase a series of Creamy Mami merchandises.

The paintings sold at this illustration exhibition are drawn one by one, thinking “cute” so that this painting will be loved. I will be more than happy if people who saw it felt happy too.” – Takada Akemi

Latest precious drawings of “Magical Angel Creamy Mami” against night scenery of HK

We are honored to invite Takada Akemi to attend the opening ceremony and autograph session of this art show. Hong Kong holds special memories for her. She has visited Hong Kong on numerous occasions, with Victoria Peak being one of her favourite places to visit. Whether it’s day or night, her heart trembles with excitement each time she takes the Peak Tram.

For her solo art show in Hong Kong this time, Takada Akemi has chosen the unforgettable night scenery of Hong Kong as the main visual theme, creating a stage for “Creamy Mami” with sparkling neon lights of the city. The exhibition displays a total of 19 original paintings and over 30 prints in two phases, allowing everyone to appreciate Takada Akemi’s authentic artworks and her delicate brushwork up close. Some of the artworks are also available for public sale.

Limited-edition Creamy Mami figure and merchandises

In addition to the drawings of “Magical Angel Creamy Mami”, the art show showcases limited edition Creamy Mami figure and art prints. A series of Creamy Mami merchandises are also available for public sale, including commemorative art book, collectible ex-libris, umbrella, glasses cloth, pin, postcard and folder. All items are limited in quantity and will be sold while stock lasts. All fans of “Magical Angel Creamy Mami” should not miss this show!

Takada Akemi Art Show “Memories of Magic” -Details
Date: 1 – 24 September 2023
(Artwork display: 1 – 9 Sep for 1st phase and 10 – 24 Sep for 2nd phase)
Time: 11am – 10pm
Venue: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)

About Takada Akemi

Akemi Takada is a renowned character designer and illustrator. She graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in Fine Arts and has been involved in art creation and animation character design for over forty years. She is known for her gentle and delicate brushwork, as well as her skill in illustrating adorable girls. Her works have gained popularity among readers worldwide.

She has contributed to the shaping of numerous manga characters, including “Creamy Mami,” “Yama-T Girl,” and “A Moment of Togetherness”. Her gentle brushwork and expertise in drawing cute girls have garnered her a large following across the globe. She has also been involved in the production of several animated films, with “Magical Angel Creamy Mami”, “Lucky Star”, “Orange Road”, and “Mobile Police” being some of her most representative works.

Takada has held original artwork exhibitions in Japan and various locations around the world, including Hong Kong in 1992, Taiwan in 2000, and the United States in 2000. Her influential art books, such as “Dragon Magazine Special Illustration Art Book” and “Triangle Labyrinth Artbook”, played a pivotal role in propelling her to fame and solidifying her esteemed position in the Japanese Anime World.