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Yohji Yamamoto Eyewear – Yohji Puyi 2023 Collection

03 Mar, 2023

Puyi Optical proudly presents the very first exclusive eyewear collection with renowned international fashion brand Yohji Yamamoto. With Yohji Yamamoto’s unique style, and Puyi’s expertise on eyewear, this 2023 Collection signals the beginning of a new partnership and an elevation of the iconic Yohji Yamamoto style in luxury eyewear.

(Photo credit: Yohji Yamamoto Inc. )

Yohji Yamamoto has specially curated a motif “Yohji Puyi”, symbolizing the friendship between the two giants in their relative fields and this special eyewear collection.

The whole collection consists of four series with both optical frames and sunglasses available – Awaken, Reform, Innovate and Augment. Puyi Optical has put its major focus on injecting the Yohji Yamamoto’s iconic style and concepts into the design and production process, elevating its eyewear into the next level.

(Photo credit: Yohji Yamamoto Inc. )

Titanium in the highest quality are used throughout the whole collection. Inheriting the phenomenal Japanese craftmanship, symbol “Y” is artfully marked in various details on the eyewear, with selected items are highlighted with brushed gold, incorporates Yohji Yamamoto and Puyi optical’s pursuit of craftmanship and quality, merges both fashion and craftmanship together perfectly, subtle yet luxurious.

(Photo credit: Yohji Yamamoto Inc. )
(Photo credit: Yohji Yamamoto Inc. )

Several eye shapes are used throughout the collection, the classic round frame, the trendy hexagonal frame, the clean and popular rimless glasses, and the most iconic series from the collection “Augment”, where a titanium top bar is introduced through out the series, creating a mature, stylish yet rebellious vibe for the wearer.
Yohji Yamamoto’s beloved photographer Takay to take in charge of the shooting for this eyewear collection’s campaign shoot, teamed up with Japanese legendary stylist Tsuyoshi Noguchi, the stylist behind many superstars from Japan, as well as being the driving force behind many successful Japanese brands.

(Photo credit: Yohji Yamamoto Inc. )

Modeled by four famous Japanese actors across different generations- Kenichi Endo, Masaya Kato, Hideaki Ito, Yu Shirota were modeled for the Yohji Yamamoto POUR HOMME 2023 S/S fashion show, perfectly representing the unique style of Yohji Yamamoto. The first series Awaken symbolizes the first step of this partnership, classic round frames in titanium with Yohji Yamamoto’s iconic monochrome finish with Symbol “Y” is subtlety built in the tip end. Selected models feature an acetate in-rim, an elevation from the usual combination frames.  

Reform has obtained certain details and derived from Awaken, eye shape has changed from the classic round frames into more trendy hexagonal shape, striking a great balance between trendy and comfort.  The titanium frames with Yohji Yamamoto’s iconic monochrome finish are also used in this series,  with Symbol “Y” is subtlety built as the temple, a slightly different take from Awaken, subtle yet luxurious.

Selected models feature an acetate in-rim, creating a floating effect on the lens.

Puyi Optical have gained a strong understanding in the optical market and designed a series of rimless glasses in Innovate for this exclusive Yohji Yamamoto eyewear collection, showcasing simplicity with rimless and titanium temples, yet edgy with hexagonal or geometrical on the eye shapes.

Augment is the final and the most iconic series from this exclusive collection. All sunglasses are made in titanium with a matt black finishing, mirroring the design concept of Yohji Yamamoto on “Black” in different texture and tone, selectied items would feature Puyi’s iconic brushed gold on various details. The design of Augment is based on classic aviator styles, with an edgy titanium top bar throughout the whole series with three different eye shapes, enhancing the overall style and making a fashion statement.

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