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Gallery by the Harbour Presents“Tung Pui-sun: Of Knights and Chivalry Painting Exhibition”

17 Oct, 2019

“Tung’s distinctive pictorial style had a substantial impact on shaping the “look” of Chinese pulp culture, both in and beyond Hong Kong.” – Christopher Rea and Nicolai Volland (Quoted from The Business of Culture: Cultural Entrepreneurs in China and Southeast Asia 1900 – 1965)

Gallery by the Harbour proudly presents the Tung Pui-sun: Of Knights and Chivalry Painting Exhibition from 11 – 27 October, 2019, exhibiting 30 new works inspired by the fantastic heroes and knights from history, literature, myths, and imagination, in which Tung delivers his mastery of cinematic compositions in ink. This collection showcases a dynamic range of imageries and the power of poetry expressed in action. The vibrant works bring together the chivalrous sentiments and romantic yearnings of the heroes and characters in the martial arts world.

Tung states that the creative process spanned about two years. Among his new works, he is most fond of In the Camp Gate, Lu Bu shoots the halberd. Painting meticulously to render the details of the scene, Tung was compelled to counteract with the small piece of paper to project an immense space through a flare of colors, lighting and blankness. It instills a disturbing tension in the scene, which leaves viewers a dynamic, powerful image of the event in the story.  Tung says this collection of new work is a summary of his cover art style and approach.

Early on in his career, Tung was artistic director of major film studios, and designed three quarters of the film posters and commercials in Hong Kong, including numerous film sets and costume. After years of creating comics from the 1970s to 1990s, he went on to develop his artistry in Chinese painting in 1991 and started to draw for Jin Yong in 2005.

Following multiple widely acclaimed shows and publications of his painting collections, he continued his artistic exploration in various themes from different martial arts epics and classics. Carried in an adventurous, cinematic style, Tung’s arts exude grandeur and tenderness at the same time. With his fine and smooth techniques, he tells stories with authenticity in his arts. Incorporating traditional and modern arts together is how he has stood out from other artists of his time.

Heroes and Knights
Hong Yu’s Last Song
The Leaping Horse over the Greek from The Records of Three Kingdom

Tung Pui-sun: Of Knights and Chivalry Painting Exhibition”

Date: 11 to 27 October, 2019

Time: 11am – 10pm

Venue: Gallery by the Harbour