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The Fabulous Lip Color Trend Turns Unstoppable! Let’s Play Animal Personality Test-Part 2

09 Jul, 2018

Still looking for your perfect lip shade for this summer? Previously we have unveiled the symbolic lip colors of three different animals. Let’s continue with the other three “Animal X Lip Makeup” combos to ensure you can effortlessly create an exceptional summer style with these essential, trendy elements this season!

Intellectual Beauty –  Sea Turtle

Reliable and calm, sea turtle is the intellect of the sea. Cherry purple will be the perfect color to embody such intellectual beauty, and thus to enhance the subtle yet individual charisma of every woman.

Temperament Charm – Flamingo

With its innate attractiveness, flamingo is always the centre of attention. It does not need overstatement to stand out. A touch of vivid pink is good enough to flatter your natural beauty!

Femme Fatale – Pelican

Pelican’s silhouette may look a bit peculiar, but it is gentle, warm and kind-hearted. The mystic chocolate brown shade is an excellent color to reflect this captivating contrast and arouse curiosity.

This season, Harbour City presents “Summer Kiss” with more than 200 choices of lip colours to indulge you in a world of enticing shades! Don’t miss the chance to discover your animal personality at! Our Fabulous Lip Stylist will find out the animal personality inside you along with customized lip shade suggestion. Try now!

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