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The new Initial women’s clothing store incorporated the traditional Japanese aesthetics of Wabi-Sabi and combined the vintage style with the futuristic elements through collage of a variety of materials, old and new. By having the unique bonsai plant as decorations with the edgy and stylistic furniture and the primitive cement for the store walls and flooring, this brand new store can give our customers an eye-opening, jaw-dropping special shopping experience.

Cocktail Dress Collection

Every wardrobe needs a dress that can show off charm. The cocktail dresses from this season cover a variety of styles, such as the English Victorian retro style ruffle skirts and folk style Celtic dresses. All these different styles help display personal characters.

About initial

initial is proud of its ethos that continuously creates the unusual experience. Our sharp sense for time and our flexibility to create enables us to truly build a unique and open platform for the next generation. From marginality to popularity, initial boasts a balanced, global perspective. Breaking through the boundary of culture, we seek to discover the new needs and fuel our unique take on fashion.

initial, keeping an eye and an ear, on the world. We come to the soul from our roots. Usual life is filled with unusual people. We exist – for being remarkable.

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