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The Originator of Bubble Milk Tea “Hanlin Tea Room” arrives at Harbour City

16 Oct, 2018

In recent years, Taiwanese drinks have made a splash into Hong Kong’s beverage scene, with a diverse collection of drinks stands opening in droves. “Hanlin Tea Room” has recently announced his establishment in Harbour City as the originator of bubble milk tea expands their expertise in creating the succulent yet refreshing beverage for over 32 years.

Panda Bubble Tea

Hanlin Tea Room is the originator of not only bubble milk tea, but also of the black and white bubble tea. The popular Panda Bubble Tea is a must-try. Using special ingredients, the black tea’s note has a lingering and smooth texture and taste. The white, translucent pearls are smaller yet they retain a bouncy bite; black sugar pearls are big, chewy and sweet. 

State Banquet Bubble Milk Tea

In 2017 and 2018, the Taiwanese government has appointed Hanlin State Banquet Bubble Milk Tea as the designated bubble milk tea for foreign guests from all over the world. The material of the State Banquet Bubble Milk Tea is collected by the founder who went to high-altitude mountain tea gardens, and is made from the best quality tea leaves amongst the highest-quality variants that was originally produced with rare yield. This tea emphasizes the “very rich” tea and milk flavor. It is made up of double-concentration first-grade black tea and two different types of milk. It is matched with the chewy brown sugar pearls, boasting a very luxuriant taste. Since the production process is more elaborate than the usual bubble milk tea, it can only be supplied in limited quantities every day. 

Stawberry Flavor Black Tea

Making cold-brewed tea can seem simple, but in fact, it is very time-sensitive and requires precise control of water temperature. A slight mistake will make the tea taste “off”. The Hong Kong branch will launch Hanlin’s exclusive Stawberry Flavor Black Tea, a sweet, memorable drink full of aromas sans bitterness.

Tieh Guan Yin Noodles
Pu Erh Tea Egg

The Hanlin Tea Room is not only the host of the finest tea drinks, but also of the most delectable dishes infused with tea. A dining area is set up in the shop, including a menu filled with a wide variety of Taiwanese dishes. Many of them have added elements of tea and teamaking, such as Tieh Guan Yin Noodles, using an ancient Japanese tea noodle-making process, whereby infusing noodles with charcoal-Tieh Guan Yin tea. For each bite, the scent of Tieguanyin lingers within the noodle with a caramel finish. The dish also has different ingredients, such as braised beef and Hakka salty pork, which enhances the texture of the whole tea noodle to another level.

Another recommended Pu Erh Tea Egg is made with Yunnan Pu Erh tea leaves in which they are soaked for three days and nights. The aromatic flavour of the tea breaks from the shell earthy scent of the eggs will surely stimulate your taste buds.

Hanlin holds its promises as follows: 1) it must not use tea powder; and 2) none of their leaves are sourced from unidentified vendors. Hanlin offers five signature Scholar’s Tea for your delectation, all of which are produced in Taiwan. Ever since the tea starts growing from the stems, Hanlin Tea has insisted on the highest quality for its tea from beginning to end, and is committed to promoting Taiwanese tea to the whole world. The delicate, smooth teat taste and aftertaste is the best proof of quality. 

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