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J.S. FOODIES, a restaurant chain founded in 2014 by JOURNAL STANDARD, a fashion label owned by Japanese company Baycrew’s Group. With a brand philosophy centered on the combination of fashion and lifestyle, JOURNAL STANDARD has branched out its business in various areas including food and beverage and homeware design, as it strives to further elevate consumers’ quality of life in different aspects. J.S. FOODIES features two JOURNAL STANDARD restaurants— J.S. BURGER CAFE and J.S. PANCAKE CAFE—and specializes in West Coast-style American burgers and pancakes. It also offers the signature Kiseki Pancakes from popular pancake-maker FLIPPER’S.

The newly opened Harbour City – borrow the simple, clean interior design from their Japanese counterpart while also employing subtle elements of industrial chic. The spacious restaurants are bright and welcoming with a laid-back atmosphere that will make diners feel at home.

The West Coast-inspired menu at J.S. FOODIES features two classic American dishes: burger and pancake. All of J.S. FOODIES’s pancakes are made to order with Japanese eggs and flour, and boast a rich, buttery fragrance and a soft and fluffy texture. A wide range of sweet and savory pancakes, made using carefully selected fresh and homemade ingredients, are available, catering to different palates. The beloved Crème Brûlée Pancake, in particular, has aromatic and crispy crème brûlée on top that enhances the overall texture of the pancake while helps retain its temperature and moist. Other best-selling items include Lemon Ricotta Pancake, Black Tiramisu Pancake, Flipper’s Kiseki Pancake, Avocado & Salmon Pancake, Tandoori Chicken with Pancake and Herb & Sausage Pancake. You’re in for a treat!

Made with premium US Angus beef shoulder meat, the J.S. burgers are another must-try at J.S.FOODIES. The beef patties are made by hand to ensure tenderness and juiciness, while the secret-recipe thick potato chips make for a perfect burger companion. In addition, those who order the Classic Burger, Cheese Burger or Bacon Egg Burger can enjoy the option of switching the regular onions with secret-recipe caramel onions, exclusively available at the Hong Kong branch. Impossible™ burger is also served at the restaurants to cater vegans. It’s time to take your burger experience to new heights!

Egg Benedict Soufflé Pancake
Lobster Salad Bowl
J.S. Mini Burger Tower
Lobster Salad Bowl


Apart from J.S. classics, the culinary team behind J.S.FOODIES has also created a number of new offerings exclusive to the Harbour City branch, one of which is the fluffy and savory Egg Benedict Soufflé Pancake, which takes Flipper’s Kiseki Pancake to the next level by topping it with pouch eggs, smoked salmon and bacon. The branch is also treating Hong Kong diners with a series of new dishes including Whole Crab Pasta, Lobster Salad Bowl, Lobster and Avocado Toast, J.S. Mini Burger Tower, as well as several appetizer, salad and soup. Each of these creations is a unique gourmet experience made with love and sincerity for our Hong Kong customers.

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