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Enjoy the Vegan Summer with Buono Buonissimo and Italian Allegria

Venchi is embracing this wonderful vegan summer time with Buono Buonissimo and spreading the Italian Allegria together. “Buono Buonissimo” means very good, which is one of the brand core value. Venchi loves good things that could feel good, and pursue principle of  “Balance Value” which referring the brand based all the recipes on 100% wholesome raw materials, no artificial ingredients, and all gelato are gluten-free. This summer, Venchi is set to bring an unique vegan summer with different vegan gelato flavours offering in line in-store!

Freshly made everyday, Venchi gelato is always a delicious accompany made with premium ingredients.

This summer, Venchi launches vegan-friendly gelato in different flavours, available in cup and non-vegan cone. The firstly launched vegan gelato, Piedmont Hazelnut Sorbet, and the second, Bronte Pistachio Sorbet, perfectly kick start this delightful summer time, are available in all Venchi Hong Kong stores in May 2022 and June 2022 onwards.

The flavour and creamy texture of Venchi gelato is now in new. The color of the gelato is just as natural as its ingredients. The rich, Italian flavor of the gelato follows centuries-old traditions, celebrating the genuine, artisan quality of one of Italy’s most world-renowned foods, which continues to bring people together. Once you try it you won’t be able to do without it !

Piedmont Hazelnut Sorbet, new creamy and enveloping Piedmont Hazelnut flavour in vegan version, without milk, is the new of the vegan gelato family. Unique for its amazing taste and aroma after roasting, perfect for vegan and hazelnut lovers. This delicious Piedmont Hazelnut Sorbet, originated from Italy, which goes perfectly pairing with Mango or Strawberry.

Fun fact about Venchi Piedmont Hazelnut – Exclusively cultivated in Piedmont, especially in the heart of the Langhe area, where known worldwide for Barolo wine and white truffle, the Piedmont Hazelnut is universally recognized as the best variety of hazelnut in the world.

In 2020, Venchi established an innovative partnership with a group of selected hazelnut farmers operating in the Alta Langa area at Piedmont, with the aim of having a better quality for the brand’s raw material, increase sustainability and promote the territory.

The producers, which stand out for their quality and hospitality, will sell their entire hazelnut harvest to Venchi, following a common strict quality code agreed with the brand, which regulates the harvesting process, selection and storage of the product, in order to ensure the best quality of Piedmont Hazelnut, while respecting the full traceability of the product.

Venchi iconic Bronte Pistachio flavour in vegan version, without milk will follow to come to stores. Green Pistachio From Bronte Sorbet, continuously satifies your taste buds in this vegan summer, the Creamy Pistachio is vegan-friendly and originated from Italy! The unmistakable sweet and salty taste of our new Bronte Pistachio Sorbet goes perfectly pairing with Strawberry or Piedmont Hazelnut.

The Green Pistachio from Bronte, also known as the green gem of the Mediterranean grow in the volcanic soil of Mount Etna, in the Catania region of Sicily, where their deep roots can anchor the plant into the ground among the rocky terrain.

Because of the nature of this particular pistachio, with its diminutive size and concentrated colour, it is sometimes referred to as smeraldo (emerald) or ‘green gold’! This important origin of distinction was formalized by the European Union in 2009 with the formation of a Protected Designation of Origin certificate; this certificate indictates that a product existing under such a certificate must be entirely produced and manufactured within the named region. Bronte Pistachios are not just desirable for their color; their flavor and texture are vastly different from pistachios grown in other parts of the world!

This summer, in keeping with the “TASTES GOOD, DOES GOOD” philosophy, Venchi presents the milk-free, vegan-friendly king and queen of gelato: Bronte Pistachio and Piedmont Hazelnut!

Enjoy this vegan summer with Venchi and also try the other vegan flavours! They are upcoming in this summer, which are very refreshing and tasty, you won’t notice that they are milk-free either! Stay tuned!

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