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The Dragon Boat Festival is finally here and with it comes a delicious selection of rice dumplings and teas to pair with them. With a selection of both traditional and modern options, you can choose your own way to celebrate!

There’s Dumpling about Rice Dumplings

If you’re looking to celebrate this holiday with the most traditional and authentic flavours (and in style), look no further than Tai Hing with their new series of rice dumplings. These Supreme Rice Dumplings feature premium ingredients such as abalone or dried scallop and salted pork, nutritious fillings like mixed grains and pork, or black rice filled with sweet lotus seed paste for dessert.

Want to try something different? Green Common offers a selection of rice dumplings with healthful ingredients like OmniPork, Quinoa and multiple grains. They’ve also got you covered for dessert too with a plant-based set of mini rice dumplings with coconut purple sweet potato, pandan chestnut and red bean paste flavors.

city’super likewise presents their new and exclusive Bai Fa Bai Chung series inspired by Taiwan’s indigenous Tarowak tribe. These nutritious millet dumplings come in a huge variety of healthy fillings like red quinoa, and also include vegan options too. Wrapped in khasya trichodesma and shell ginger leaves, these dumplings are nutritious and help improve digestion!

Par-Tea Time

And what better to go with those dumplings than a nice cup (or pot) of hot tea? For traditional Chinese teas, a strong Tie Guan Yin or milder Pa Sha Pu’er from Fook Ming Tong will help to cut some of the oil and help with digestion after enjoying those delicious dumplings.

Other good options to enjoy during or after your meal include an Imperial Puerh from Yu Teahouse with its bittersweet and mellow aftertaste or a nutrient-rich green tea from TenRen’s Tea. You’ll find both of these teas through eslite.

If you want to change things up, head over to city’super for their Ippodo Teas. Choose from a tin of rich Kinmou-No-Mukashi Matcha Powder or a pack of refreshing one-pot Kuki Sencha teabags. Both of these Japanese teas make a great accompaniment to the sweet rice dumplings and other desserts you might be having.

For those that want to enjoy tea with their dumplings but prefer Western teas, France’s DALLOYAU has you covered. Whether you’re hoping to strike a balance with the richer savory rice dumplings or to simply kick back and relax after your meal, the fruit or herbal flavors you’ll find in their 3-in1 or 8-in-1 box sets will have something for every palate.

If you love rice dumplings as much as we do, there’s a chance you’ll be having them more than once. Whether you’re eating them for lunch, dinner or dessert, try them with different teas with your friends and family to put a spin on the tradition this summer!

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