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The Coffee Academïcs opens its latest café, restaurant, and retail store concept spanning an expansive 1,200 sq. ft in Harbour City. The new concept ties together a coffee dispensary and retail shop with dine-in café and restaurant inspired by the art of urban hortology (indoor plants) and glamping (a portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping”). With an outdoor terrace designed like a glamper’s campground and plenty of natural light filtering in through glass ceilings in the indoor café fashioned after a greenhouse, The Coffee Academïcs Harbour City is a unique new destination for coffee, nature, and lifestyle lovers.

Introducing The Coffee Academïcs Café Signature Dishes

The Coffee Academïcs’ beloved café signature gourmet dishes will feature first at the new nature-inspired Harbour City outlet, including Sunny Side Up French Toast, Croque Madame, Silk Handkerchief Pasta with Confit Egg Yolk and Wagyu Sandos with Black Truffles.

The café serves exquisite signature espresso-based coffee selections such as Steam, a cold ice-steamed espresso where the coffee sugars are emulsified to create a frothy texture; Geisha Espressoda, the ultra-luxe Geisha coffee fizzy drink with hints of lemon peel and rosemary; Dirty Mocha, a daring concoction of fire and ice with hot espresso and cold milk; and Dark Mocha, a warm and soothing cup topped with decadent Valrhona dark chocolate shavings. An original creation of handmade charcoal cone layered in dark chocolate, the selection of Coffee Conette include Piccolo, Matcha, and Mocha are available in Harbour City too with a limited number of servings available daily. 

Dark Mocha
Geisha Espressoda/Dirty Mocha
Coffee Conette

Roasting & Custom Blend Experience at the Coffee Bean Bar

For the very first time, The Coffee Academïcs will feature an in-shop micro-roastery experience, where customers can choose their custom coffee blends, roast them, and taste them in a single seating. Each workshop will start with an introduction of roasting theory, a demonstration of the roasting process, and finally, the hands-on roasting experience with your preferred roasting level and favourite chosen coffee beans. Guests can also choose to undergo a Custom Blend Experience wherein coffee enthusiasts will be able to create their own coffee blend by selecting up to 3 types of single-origin coffee beans (50g each). The workshop begins with a questionnaire to determine coffee preferences, instant results ready for tasting and blending, first custom blend tasting, two rounds to fine-tune the blend, and ends with the guest packing and bringing their custom blend home.

Introducing The Coffee Academïcs Specialty Coffee Retail Store

In addition to the café, The Coffee Academïcs introduces its first in-shop roasting and custom blending experience and retail store. The store features a rare collection of drip bags, capsules, and coffee beans by the bag, as well as assorted specialty coffee egg rolls, specialty coffee equipment, and various lifestyle items.

Single-origin specialty coffee drip bags include the Harbour City-exclusive Yemen Hayma Karijiya Sanaa Natural CR-309 and CR-369.  As for the capsules, five blend choices are available including the TCA House Blend of which 70% gives back to coffee farmer communities through charities and social enterprises worldwide. Retail coffee beans include a combination of custom blends and single-origin beans, including 01 Panama Geisha Lavado  02 Panama Esmeralda Geisha (Natural) among others.

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