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Looking to treat yourself and beloved one to a tasty meal? Here’s a roundup a list of newly open restaurants in Harbour City that offer various culinary options and wide range of prices. Let’s begin with a delicious journey now!

Asian Delights

An Edomae-style Omaskase Sushi Hisayoshi

Led by sushi master Hisayoshi Iwa and his protege Tsukasa Kaneko, Sushi Hisayoshi has opened in Harbour City. As with his Michelin-starred venue in Ginza, Sushi Hisayoshi Chef Iwa and his team showcase the best seafood from all around Japan, with four omakase menus available for Hong Kong diners to experience high-quality ingredients prepared with expert techniques.


Tokyo-Based Omurice Specialist GRILL MANTEN-BOSHI

Hong Kong’s first Grill Manten-Boshi restaurant is located in the Harbour City’s Ocean Terminal. Founded in 1978 by Yoshinao Kubota — a disciple of Emperor Shōwa’s imperial chef, Tokuzō Akiyama — the first Grill Manten-Boshi is located in Tokyo, Japan, where it has continued to welcome local diners in search of the shop’s famous Japanese-style omelet rice (commonly known as ‘omurice’) to this day. The Hong Kong restaurant is dedicated to preserving this tradition, presenting Hong Kong diners with a curation of fresh ingredients and a series of signature items from Japanese “Grill Manten-Boshi” locations that can be enjoyed as they were meant to be right here in the city.

Chinese Sauerkraut Fish restaurant YAOYAO

Chinese Sauerkraut Fish specialty store “YaoYAO” has opened at Harbour City. The signature Chinese Sauerkraut Fish uses meaty fresh sea bass with less thorns and Shuidong’s sauerkraut which has been marinated for 90 days. In addition to the classic Chinese Sauerkraut Fish, there are also Hong Kong-limited dishes, including ” Fish in Duo Flavours”, “Spicy Pork Knuckles”, ” Spicy Pork Chop Skewers”, etc. You must not miss it!

Authentic Huaiyang and Shanghai Cuisine Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine

Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine opens at Harbour City to share authentic Shanghai cuisine with food connoisseurs in town.

Located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, the homeland of Huaiyang and Shanghai cuisines, “Ge Yuan” has been famously celebrated as one of the most historic gardens in China for its fine, elegant and unparalleled architecture graced with breathtaking seasonal views. “Ge” is the hieroglyphical character of “bamboo”, while “Yuan” means “garden”. Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine is inspired by and dedicated to “Ge Yuan” by capturing its essence through authentic Huaiyang and Shanghai cuisines in fine dining experience shared with food and culture enthusiasts.

Contemporary Vietnamese restaurant XUÂN

Popular Vietnamese restaurant XUÂN has opened the first location in Kowloon at Harbour City. The new opening brings the celebrated flavours of XUÂN’s contemporary Vietnamese menu to the other side of the harbour, this time with an ocean-facing view and bright, airy interiors.

Korean Favourite Terrace in seaside

Much loved by its Korean fans, Terrace in seaside has opened its first-ever Hong Kong venture in Harbour City! Terrace in seaside first established in Seoul, Korea and now stands as one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

Staying true to its flagship outlet in Korea, the Hong Kong venue goes for a natural wooden interior decor with white and gray accents as well as foliage throughout the space. Walk through the hagyul tree and make your way through the urban oasis of Terrace in seaside. The signature hagyul – or summer tangerine – can also be spotted on the menu to complete the soothing design palette. As the sunshine streams in, the entire premise is reminiscent of a seaside vacation in Jeju, inviting diners to slow down their pace as they indulge in the food served up by the restaurant.


Western Cuisines with Good Vibes

New lifestyle dining spaces occupying more than 8,000-sq ft. at Prince Hotel SAVVY

SAVVY, the city’s newest contemporary lifestyle dining destination is set to re-energise the epicurean scene in Tsim Sha Tsui with its debuts at Prince Hotel in Harbour City.

Occupying more than 8,000-square-feet across one level, with direct access from Level 3 of Harbour City, SAVVY reimagines the concept of blended spaces to offer three zones: a trendy happening bar, a classy modern lounge and a stylish urban restaurant – celebrating local and western cuisines. Its modern style and vibrancy are central to the atmosphere, and as a day-to-night location –– diners are encouraged to seamlessly enjoy the restaurant’ s offerings and relax in one inviting space.

American-style burger Honbo

Hong Kong’s premier independent burger concept brings its iconic REAL GOOD BURGER to Kowloon for the first time, opening a new store within the prestigious Harbour City shopping mall.

Open daily, Honbo Harbour City will offer its famous USDA Double Gold Standard smash burgers alongside a range of moreish sides, this time with an unbeatable harbour view.

Gluten Free Cafe Infiniti C

INFINITI C – 100% gluten free specialty café in Hong Kong. Making awareness of the global warming, Infiniti C choose the ingredients carefully to promote low carbon mission. No matter you are gluten free, vegan or ketogenic, you can find the right food at Infiniti C. Infiniti C have recently developed their own micro roastery – Five Elements Coffee Roasters, strived to share good quality coffee from different origins direct farms.

If you miss travelling, Harbour City will be your culinary destination with various options in term of dishes and prices. Now, let’s tuck into our new restaurants’ menus.

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