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Located at Harbour City, the shopping landmark in Kowloon, Voynich is the latest luxurious Cantonese restaurant and lounge to open its door for curious and adventurous guests to step into this mysterious land of agent service. Inspired by a fictional character – Kingsman, the unique characteristics of the agent brings the restaurant a range of intriguing and unique culinary experience. With the elegant and profound ambience, this new design concept and top-notch cuisine are set to bring a refreshing atmosphere to guests and become the secret sociable spot in this vibrant city.

Step into the Agent Collection for a Unique Dining Experience

As a new generation of urban lifestyle destination, the intriguing Voynich has blended different personalities and characteristics of the agent into the restaurant and lounge. The entrance of this culinary destination is concealed by the Russian roulette wheel and the diners are walking into the agent collection from the cabinets with dice. The restaurant’s multiple design spaces have been conceived to elevate the dining and drinking experience where guests can enjoy a different environment each time they visit. “The Room of Curiosity” as the lounge area is based on the characteristics of the agent as a collector. The mid-air background is full of beetle specimens and is using the earth colour as their main colour. The dining areas,  “The Bespoke Wardrobe” and “The Room of Wisdom”, are inspired by James Bond’s DB5 car, with the rear mirrors and tyre featuring as the lighting. “The Room of Grand Tour”, a tropical rainforest design inspired, shows the East-meets-West opening the eyes of diners and feeling spy’s extraordinary.

With the 180-degrees of unparalleled view of Victoria Harbour, the outdoor terrace design of Turkish hot air balloon thrills the guests as if being assigned with the agent’s mission. With accommodating 240 guests, each section has its own iconic and fantastic photography opportunities. The earthy tone as a base injecting orange and pink spices up the overall designs of the restaurant. It is also decorated with gold and peacock blue to add a touch of luxury. For a private dining experience, The Cache or a chessboard-inspired “The Game Room” is perfect for business gatherings, celebrations, and private parties, putting the guests in the mysterious realm of the agent.

 A New Dimension of Classic Cantonese Cuisine

From a selection of the fine and fresh ingredients to mysterious technique presenting the dishes, Voynich delivers an unforgettable culinary journey through the most flavourful Cantonese cuisine in this special agent secret collection. Along with a world-class selection of classic cocktails, bespoke creations, and speciality spirits, Voynich curates an extraordinary dining experience with a variety of exquisite food. Signature dishes include Signature Wagyu Beef Treasure Box, evolving from Sichuan boiled beef which is more suitable for the taste of Hong Kong customers; the ground-breaking Signature Soup with various precious ingredients; and the Crispy Salted Chicken, the must-try Instagram-worthy dish with the fragrant of rose spirit (Mei Kuei Lu Chiew) when it is lit.

Voynich welcomes our international and local visiting guests to this magnificent destination. The opening of the restaurant and lounge is the highlight of the city’s scene with its one-of-a-kind location and elevation, creative menus, stunning design, and contemporary chic vibe.

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