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“I am happy to hold my first overseas solo exhibition in Hong Kong, where I travelled.
Please enjoy the exhibition while remembering the memories of your trips.”
—Kim Yong-Oh

From 26 Feb to 21 Mar 2021, Gallery by the Harbour proudly presents The Wanderlust, the first overseas solo exhibition by Korean artist Kim Yong-Oh, featuring his 723-day-journey around 69 countries in the world. Although travelling has been difficult lately, Kim wishes to reminiscence his joy of globe-trotting while inspiring fond travel memories in viewers.

Tour Eiffel (2020)
Foto de Familia (2020)

Kim Yong-Oh’s round-the-world-in-two-years journey began in 2017, when he left Seoul, Korea, to pursue his childhood dream to see the world. First setting foot in Irkutsk, Russia, Kim took the trans-Siberian train to Moscow, from where he continued his trip in Europe. He later went to Africa by way of the Strait of Gibraltar and trekked extensively in Latin America, before ending his trip in Thailand. The journey has left Kim with a wealth of inspirations, reflections, as well as experiences that inspire his later artworks.

Left: Finding Volcano (2020) & Right: Iceland (2020)

Kim was fascinated by the places, characters, and stories he had encountered. He was also humbled by the injuries, accidents and good-will he had experienced along the way. Through bold colours, lines and exaggerated features, Kim reinterprets these cultures and lifestyles in his artworks, with fine attention to cultural details. Landscapes also have a unique place in Kim’s oeuvre, denoting his emotions at the point of making. This body of works invites the audience to experience the kaleidoscope of Kim’s journey, while reliving their own fond travel moments.

Top: Skaterboy in Kyoto (2016) & Bottom: Geisha in City (2016)
Top-left: Parisien 1 (2020); Top-right: Parisien 2 (2020); Bottom-left: Berliner (2020) & Bottom-right: Soviet Girl (2020)

The Wanderlust – Solo Exhibition by Kim Yong-Oh

Date: From 25 Feb to 21 Mar 2021
Venue: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)