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TOM FORD invites you to experience Private Rose Garden, a provocative scent trilogy evoking three incomparably transportive destinations – each crafted with an exclusive rose-on-rose distillation inspired by the rare blooms in the exotic garden. Introducing ROSE D’AMALFI, ROSE DE CHINE and ROSE DE RUSSIE.

Along with the new Private Blend Private Rose Garden Collection, TOM FORD is delighted to introduce the new Lip Color Satin Matte – pairing each of the new private blend fragrance with Satin Matte Lip Color in limited edition.

With Rose as the symbolism of love and romance, the full Private Rose Garden Collection is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts.


The ROSE-ON-ROSE co-distillation method is an original creation of Tom Ford.

The ROSE-ON-ROSE co-distillation produces a new territory of “fresh-picked rose potency” for the most ancient of all flowers in perfumery – the noble rose. These roses are harvested with ethical sourcing practices as well as eco-friendly care.

This new rose signature is created by molecular distillation of two roses in a 50/50 ratio using specific conditions with minimal heat to preserve the integrity of the fragile flowers. The select roses are luxurious and ethically sourced rose absolute Turkey and a unique rose water extract, Rose Natsource®.

Co-distillation results in a super-concentrated rose that maintains the top notes while also bringing together the heart and background facets for peak intensity. This inspired pairing of luxurious and extraordinary roses forms a symbiotic relationship which elevates the rose experience, bringing a distinctive and long-last signature to the Private Rose Garden creations.  


“Infused with Italian bergamot, ROSE D’AMALFI is an intimate and sensuous scent.” – TOM FORD

A discreetly sensual rose kissed by Italian bergamot and mandarin, ROSE D’AMALFI merges spicy baies roses with sunlit, almond-like heliotrope – reminiscent of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, the most beautiful southern-European-styled coast in the world. Blessed with the warm sun, azure blue ocean, soft sandy beaches, it is known as the “heaven on earth”. The fragrance elicits a wave of captivating, softly sensuous, skin-on-skin sensations. This unique fresh rose is just like a new-born baby, giving people a sense of comfort and intimate impression.

ROSE D’AMALFI describes the kind of love when one only has eyes for each other, romantic and pure. It is the love-at-first-sight kind of love that makes it so unforgettable.

ROSE D’AMALFI is contained in a translucent Private Blend bottle designed with a matte white label, glossy black accents, and a sensual, barely pink juice.


“ROSE DE CHINE has an untamed, decadent quality. Contrasted with Chinese peonies, it intoxicates.” –TOM FORD

ROSE DE CHINE is meant to be savored with every inhalation. A rich, purely unadulterated rose contrasts with Chinese golden peony notes, evoking vibrant blooms – while cistus absolute and myrrh release a provocative, smoky sensuality. It reminds people of the intoxicating scenery in Eastern countries, the mysterious and unforgettable travel experiences.

ROSE DE CHINE is evocative of the first flush of love, the love when it is unbearable to be separated from your lover regardless of anything, this surge of intense passion is so furious that the draw to each other’s bodies is irresistible and unstoppable.

ROSE DE CHINE is contained in a translucent Private Blend bottle designed with a matte white label, glossy black accents, and a blush-pink juice.


“ROSE DE RUSSIE blends the essence of Russian black leather with intense florals, for an opulent, dramatic scent.” – TOM FORD

ROSE DE RUSSIE brings you into the artistic imageries of Russia, a mysterious and uniquely charming city, the tempting allure of night informs ROSE DE RUSSIE. This sumptuous, darkly mesmerizing rose merges with the vibrancy of spicy white pepper oil and woods – while passionately sexy, supple black leather begs to be touched.

ROSE DE RUSSIE is redolent of a wild, passionate and addictive love, dangerous and exciting, overwhelmed by the provocative love-hate emotions that has never been felt before, it is highly addictive and irresistible.

ROSE DE RUSSIE is contained in a translucent Private Blend bottle designed with a matte white label, glossy black accents, and a bold magenta-hued juice.


Along with the ROSE TRILOGY Collection, TOM FORD is introducing three new SATIN MATTE lip colors, named after the new fragrances. TOM FORD SATIN MATTE features nourishing and creamy texture in trendy matte lip color. Each lipstick pairs with ROSE TRILOGY fragrance as an echo of the collection that symbolizes different stages of love.

SATIN MATTE SPECIAL D-53 Rose D'Amalfi, $480


In between nude and rosy-milk-tea shade, ROSE D’AMALFI lips brings out the gentleness of a girl, with the satin-matte finish, it adds a hint of elegance to these pinkish lips.

SATIN MATTE SPECIAL D-54 Rose de Chine, $480


This brownish shade gives a hint of rosy pink color that highlights the boldness of the lips, it brightens up skin.It brings out the softness without losing one’s sexiness, nobody can resist these lips.

SATIN MATTE SPECIAL D-55 Rose de Russie, $480


Stunning, smoky, cool and sexy defines this shade. Combining smoky rose and purple plum, this shade heightens senses and can be worn with any outfit.

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