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Travel Around the World at the Mall
Follow the Itineraries to Shop, Dine and Have Fun

28 Sep, 2020

Feeling the urge to savour global cuisines and go “crazy shopping” just like you’re travelling? We have created a series of “Travelling Around the World at Harbour City” Itineraries for “travellers” like you to shop, dine and have fun at different stores and restaurants from destinations like Europe, Japan and Taiwan at Harbour City. Let’s taste fine foods and grab special items here! Are you ready to take off?

Itinerary I: Relaxing and Romantic Journey to Europe

With its profound impact on history, art and culture, Europe’s rich heritage has shaped the modern world. Our romantic “Europe” Trip begins in Paris, where you’ll enjoy the prestigious French breakfast at DALLOYAU. The leading fashion trend introduced by Golden Goose, Maison Margiela and McQ at Harbour City would be your check-in points to witness the pulse of the fashion kingdom. Dress up yourself with the latest seasonal fashion items from theses inspiring brands.

After exploring all the fashion stores, don’t forget to refresh and re-energize with traditional Milanese cuisine at Paper Moon. Then, it is time to visit KILIAN PARIS, a luxury French fragrance brand established by one of France’s most illustrious dynasties in fine liquors, Kilian Hennessy. A full variety collection of tasteful and classy fragrances is waiting for you.

Now let’s take a stroll and enjoy Spanish ceramics art from LLADRÓ, exhibition of the French Creative Brands, OMY or French street artist Invader’s ceramic tile mosaics here. Dine at Michelin-starred restaurant Amelia, where the stunning harbour views and mouth-watering dishes ensure the perfect end to this amazing trip! 

Itinerary II : Japan Trip for Shopaholic Couples  

Japan is the “hometown” of many Hong Kong people. Traveling once every year is the most popular way to cure homesickness. Now please proceed to Gate 33 at Ocean Terminal Deck for general boarding, and we’ll be taking off soon to the dreamland.

First stop, city’super, for the delicious onigiri for breakfast to start your journey. Then it comes to the lady’s shopping time. Drop by SHUBUYA 109,where you can find the trendiest Japanese cosmetic products at Tokyo Lifestyle. Browsing the fashion items at Street Fashion will have you imagining that you’re walking down the Japan fashion districtsAnd among the lady’s shopping list, how can you miss the famous Japanese make-up brand, shu uemura?

After the morning shopping spree, you can now take a half time break and have your lunch set at ANA Ten with their sashimi and innovative Japanese cocktails.  Up next is, it comes to another round of men’s shopping. 45R, Onitsuka Tiger and KURA CHIKA by PORTER are definitely not to be missed. With one of the most popular social media check-in restaurants, J.S FOODIES, just next to those brands, you can enjoy a tea break with their pancakes and soufflés.

After dessert, visit the Japanese stationary paradise, LOG-ON, where you can find all kinds of creative stationaries and lifestyle products. Also, Harbour City x OMY Exhibition is now ongoing and you can collect a variety of colourful stationaries and Japanese map colouring books for souvenirs. Speaking of souvenirs, the air delivered Japanese fruits such as peaches and honeydew melons at city’super are also an ideal choice. Finally, for dinner, treat yourself to a bowl of Michelin-star winning ramen at Tsuta, with their delicious shoyu soup base and black truffle sauce.

Itinerary III : One-Day Odyssey as a Taiwan Hipster

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of life get you feeling down. Take a moment to relax and join our artistic and literary Taiwan trip. After taking a selfie at “Boarding Gate” Photo Hot Spot at Ocean Terminal Deck, jump right into Hanlin Tea House for the Taiwanese soul food, egg pancake and bubble tea for a good start to your the trip.

eslite is always a go-to attraction for hipsters to breathe in the vibrancy of Taiwanese culture. Stay for a while and find your favourite books, enjoy classic fruit tea from Ten Ren’s Tea and participate in a tea-tasting workshop at yú teahouse.

It’s time for lunch! Feed your hunger at Du Hsiao Yueh with their authentic dishes. The journey continues by a visit to Harbour City x OMY Exhibition and Pop-up Store, which provides a series of cultural and creative products. For dinner, hotpot is a must-have and the double flavoured soup from Quan Alley is delivered from Taiwan directly to let you savourthe fresh and signature taste.

Travel has a different meaning to everyone – some do it to enjoy shopping or food, while others do it for leisure and to relax. No matter which way you like to travel, you’ll find your perfect itinerary at Harbour City. Don’t hesitate, set off right away!