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To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Valentino Beauty, the first Valentino Beauty X Haute Couture Crossover campaign is introduced to open the Valentino archives for the first time, revealing the Rosso legend of Valentino.

Valentino speaks in red, a color that is a language and that demonstrates its identity. Rosso, the Valentino’s color since the very beginning, has been our brand and our couture DNA. Valentino owns Rosso.

Valentino beauty global makeup artistRaoul Alejandre experimented and played with numerous pigments, resulting in the five Rosso Valentino star shades mimicking the texture, light, movement, and feeling of the dresses, each in its sole way.

Represent Yourself in 5 Shapes


Embodying both style and substance, Rosso Valentino is set to reinvent the modern lipstick category. Created using the Roma-Light Complex™, a color booster that ensures luminosity and intensity, Rosso Valentino highlights a skill and grasp concerning the nuances of undertones. It delivers striking color in one stroke. There are two impressive technology-driven textures.

Crafted with color boosting pearls, this unique technology enhances the luminosity and radiance of each shade by refracting back maximum light. Chosen among 500 pearls, it is multi-layered, catching the light and reflecting it back softly, without giving a shiny effect. In the satin formula, these radiant pearls merge with colored pearls. The soft-matte formula focuses on blurring the light.

To do so the Roma-Light Complex™ blends radiant and blurred pearls, that capture light and diffuse it without fading its color. With patented formulas, an extensive, fully inclusive range of shades and design principles that go beyond the aesthetic, Rosso Valentino marks a generation of lipstick for anyone and everyone who dreams of beauty.

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