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We All Love Summer! Over 30 [email protected] are gathering at Ocean Terminal Deck

05 Jul, 2018

The [email protected] crew is back in Hong Kong again this summer! Harbour City transforms “Ocean Terminal Deck”, the latest tourist attraction and observation deck in Hong Kong, into a “Beach”, over 30 [email protected] with 8 brand new summer looks to join the beach party.

This Summer, over 30 2000% & 3000% [email protected] with 8 brand new summer looks (including Hawaii Oppa, Bearkini and Diver, etc.) to join the beach party. Some [email protected] are playing hide-and-seek on the beach while others are enjoying the sun under beach umbrellas. The [email protected] also beat the heat by building two giant “Sand Sculpture” [email protected], including one 7000% (4.9M) [email protected] who sits on the beach to greet all visitors at 2 sides of Victoria Harbour; and one 8000% (5.6M) [email protected] who lies on the grand steps of the Ocean terminal Deck to enjoy sun bathing with stunning Victoria Harbour view.

Let’s join our Summer Party together and enjoy the sunshine with stunning Victoria Harbour view!

[email protected] SUMMER CHILL” Summer Party at Harbour City

Date:5 / 7 – 5 / 8 / 2018
Time:10am – 8pm
Venue:Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City (Rooftop of Ocean Terminal New Extension Building)