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Working incognito, often masked and largely at night, the French urban artist “Invader” models his work on the crude pixilation of 1970-1980s 8-bit video games. With a belief that museums and galleries are not accessible to everyone, he deliberately makes his works public by installing them at street level for ordinary people to enjoy on a daily basis. Much of his work is composed of square ceramic tiles and can be seen in many highly-visible locations in more than 65 cities in 33 countries.

Invader sees himself as a hacker of public space spreading a virus of mosaic. This 40-something artist has “attacked” Hong Kong for the third time since 2001. Among his 32 new street artworks in various locations around the city, 18 were installed in Harbour City, including a blue Space Invader with the Hong Kong flag on a part of the building that opens up to a scenic view of Victoria Harbour, Mermaid, emojis and Anchor. Each artwork matches the location where they were placed and echoes the spirit of the mall.

Although Invader’s pieces have sold for millions of dollars, you can now grab the chance to own one of those. Thanks to the collaboration with Harbour City, his first-ever collaboration with a shopping mall, he tailored-designed a limited edition umbrella that features the “Anchor” design with the words of assurance from the mall printed on the umbrella strip: “Dear Invader, your artworks are safe with us. Harbour City.” to show the support and enthusiasm of Harbour City on art development.


Hunt for Invader  in Hong Kong