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Sometimes face puffiness and swelling of the body have more than the sodium-loaded feast to blame. Lymphatic obstruction is one of the villains that causes us to look puffier than we are. Thankfully, there are myriads of routines, products, and gadgets to undo the harm and de-puff our face and body effortlessly.

Lymphatic obstruction is a blockage in the lymphatic system. It hinders lymph fluid – which contains bodily waste, from being removed from our body. The excessive fluid buildup eventually leads to puffiness and swelling.

There are hundreds of lymph nodes throughout our body, including the neck, chest, armpit, and groin. Swelling and tenderness in such areas are not to be overlooked. Keep reading for some best-kept secrets to return our face and body to their pre-bloat state.

Stay Active

Developing an active lifestyle doesn’t only benefit our waistline. Remedial exercises are some of the most effective ways to promote lymphatic wellness.

Unfurl the yoga mat of The Yoga Kit by lululemon. The 3mm thickness provides just the right amount of cushioning while the textured grip offers extra traction. The three-in-one kit also comes with a yoga block and towel to get you through any routine.

Our instructor is going to demonstrate below, how we can make use of simple yoga movements such as Reverse Table Top and Bow Poses to relax our muscles and get them ready for the lymphatic massage:

In the video below, our instructor is going to demonstrate a gentle sequence designed to support the lymphatic system. Thanks to the Release and Recover Ball Set, which comes three three sizes of massage balls to target specific muscle groups. The also make versatile tools to relieve any post-workout tension.

lululemon®️ The Yoga Kit, HK$880
lululemon®️ Release and Recover Ball Set, HK$250

After the routine, hit the shower with APIVITA’s Rose Pepper Shower Gel. It cleanses and rejuvenates the skin with a blend of herbal essences while the organic mountain tea infusion offers antioxidant and anti-aging attributes. Complete your routine with the Rose Pepper Firming & Reshaping Body Cream, which unveils firmer, re-shaped body contours while moisturizing the skin.

Nifty tools

With the help of these little gadgets, your daily de-puffing session will turn from a grueling arm workout, to a pleasant me-time to wind down at night.

The innovative uPamper Mini 2 by OSIM is a 2-in-1 massager to relieve tension and pain accumulated in the muscle tissues. The dual-step massage experience begins with the “power-tap massage” that relaxes the muscle in up to 1750 pulses per minute. The gua sha session, meanwhile, aims to eliminate toxins, promote blood flow, and regulate “qi” – or vitality energy within our body. The massager is also compatible with essential oil, which doesn’t only allow the massager to glide on the skin but provides a relaxing aroma that lingers.

Aptly named The Facialift by Sarah Chapman, the facial massager targets the jawline and area under the chin to aid lymphatic drainage. The sturdy 8 heads and 48 massaging nodules roll from chin to ears to drain toxins to improve jawline contouring. RéVive’s RéVolve Contouring Massage Roller, on the other hand, gives a cooling feeling to the skin thanks to the zamac tri-head roller. The smaller roller also fits perfectly around the delicate eye area as a nice added touch. Both rollers are available at Joyce Beauty.

Sarah Chapman The Facelift, HK$350 (Joyce Beauty)
RéVive RéVolve Contouring Massage Roller, HK$1,400 (Joyce Beauty)

Complete the spa-like treatment with the Lymphatic Drainage Body Oil by CANVAS. The exotic blend of cypress, geranium, lemon, niaouli, jojoba, and sunflower seed oils boosts blood circulation and at the same time, smooths the skin to help eliminate cellulites. Warm the lightweight oil in between the palms before massaging it onto the body to harness all those wondering benefits.

For those who gravitate more towards floral scents, Darphin’s 8-Flower Golden Nectar boasts the essence of a total of 8 potent flowers, including ylang ylang, patchouli, rose, and lavender, on top of over 20 plants and essential oils with 24K gold to deliver the most luxurious elixir. The beauty house has also launched the Stimulskin Plus Absolute Renewal Cream. With encouraging the production of collagen in mind, the botanical formula restores youthful-looking skin from within.

Darphin 8-Flower Golden Nectar, HK$1,310/30ml
Darphin Stimulskin Plus Absolute Renewal Cream, HK1,980/50ml

With so many at-home remedies to choose from, puffy face and bloated body are out of the window. Nothing can stop you from looking cute in that new sundress that you got, or getting that bob cut that best shows off your jawline now.

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