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Your Summer Scentlist by Jo Malone London

07 May, 2024

As the summer heat intensifies, Jo Malone London invites you to go on a scented journey with us to the vibrant beaches of Brazil, where you can bask in tropical sunshine and be swept away by the scent of exotic fruits and flowers in the ocean breeze.

The beautiful Ipanema Beach along the Brazilian coast is always bustling, where surfer boys and bikini girls gather to enjoy the radiant summer sun amidst the shimmering blue waves. Citrus sparkling wine, island flowers, and tropical fruits… the iconic scents of an exotic beach vacation.  Your boarding pass to sun, sea and scent. Embrace the summer heat, energetic music and joyful ambiance and be transported to this tropical paradise.

Discover Jo Malone London’s new limited Blossoms collection, featuring 3 summery floral and fruits scents inspired by a tropical beach vacation in Brazil. Featuring the new exotic Sunlit Cherimoya, along with the returning favourites of Yuzu Zest and Yellow Hibiscus. These captivating fragrances are housed in a playful, pastel bottles, instantly transporting you to the picturesque beauty of the Brazilian coast. Explore a collection of feel-good fragrances to bring good vibrations.

Yuzu Zest Cologne
Bathing in summer vibes on a tropical beach, sipping on an ice-cold glass of citrus sparkling wine, juicy and bubbly. The air electric with a fragrant trail of yuzu. Bursting with vibrancy, the mouthwatering fizziness of the citrus fruit is enhanced with woody depths of cedarwood and a resinous touch of fir balsam. Crisp and invigorating.

Yellow Hibiscus Cologne
A striking flower soaked in sunshine. Blooming along the beautiful coastline in the warmth of summer sun, the beaming yellow hibiscus is a celebration of colour, embodying an exuberant and joyful spirit. Just like the girl from Ipanema, tall and tan with sand, wind and a yellow hibiscus in her hair, ever so carefree. The dewy freshness of rose underpins this sparkling floral scent, with a slice of lime adding a burst of juiciness. Drenched in sunshine, gleaming with bliss.

Sunlit Cherimoya Cologne
Green cherimoya fruit bask in the heat across beachfront stalls, its distinctively sweet aroma ever so fragrant and irresistible. As music swells, people gather to share in the moment. Topped with the refreshing juiciness of bergamot and pear, this deliciously smooth scent exudes a captivating tropical fruitiness, warmed by copaiba resin and creamy tonka bean.

Jo Malone London scents are all designed to be worn separately or layered together in a number of compelling combinations. Create your own bespoke scent and enjoy the fun of mix and match with our signature Scent Layering, layering different scents to create a combination that is uniquely yours—whether to compliment different moods or to create delightful ambiances. The fragrances from the Blossoms collection are designed to be layered with one another to create something personal to the wearer.

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