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Celebrating its 1st anniversary, Art and Piece, the sensational arts and cultural hub that discovers, narrates and manifests aesthetics and beauty, aiming to promote the development of arts and culture in Hong Kong, will hold A Piece of Memory exhibition from 1st to 24th October 2021 at the Gallery by the Harbour  of Harbour City, featuring art pieces by 18 phenomenal artists Shoko Kanazawa, Frog King, Yeung Hok Tak, Siu Hak, Li Chi Tak, Chip Tsao, the Plumber King, Karena Lam, Ronald Cheng, Michael Lau, b.wing, Steven Choi, Harvey Chan, Lousy, KATOL, Peep and Joanne Liu, some for sale while the others are for display only. In addition, the exhibition launches a series of limited-edition crossover with various artists.

Beauty - Shoko Kanazawa
Forgotten Corner - Yeung Hok Tak
Joanne Liu
B .WING B .WING《面試》 B .WING《面试》

On top of professional artworks, Art and Piece held a campaign to collect from local Hongkongers paper items that carry precious memories and/or unique meanings – a culinary certification from the 1970s, a sports stars sticker book, a vaccination record card from 1969, a Big Mac Tongue Twister certification, a banquet menu from 1990, a Sherlock Holmes card… all of the above, and more, will be on display as testimonials of heart touching stories.


Highlights of limited-edition souvenir items

Art and Piece 1st Anniversary “A Piece of Memory” Exhibition

Date: 1st October to 24th October 2021

Time: 11am to 10pm

Location: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Center, Harbour City)