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Embark on an extraordinary culinary adventure and discover these latest additions to Hong Kong’s vibrant food scene. Harbour City has unveiled some new stores that cater to even the most discerning sweet tooth.

From the enchanting world of traditional Taiwanese tea and delightful snacks to heavenly buttercream sandwiches and premium dark chocolates, this culinary haven is set to tantalize your taste buds like never before. Join us as we explore the flavors, craftsmanship, and pure indulgence that await you at this sweet paradise.

Unmissable for tea enthusiasts: Don’t Yell At Me & Kebuke

Unlock the door to small bliss in the midst of bustling life with a cup of handcrafted tea. Hailing from Taiwan, Don’t Yell At Me might not be the most conventional name of a beverage store but it’s surely one that has taken the social media by storm.

Known for its hand-shaken layered concoctions crafted with rich tea, each of the hearty beverages is pretty to look at as it is delicious. The Matcha Milk with Brown Sugar Jelly Cake is a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese matcha and milk, perfectly complemented by the slight sweetness of brown sugar jelly. Other equally compelling flavors include the Red Bean Matcha, Dark Cocoa Milk, and the quintessential Winter Melon Fresh Milk.

Adding to the buzzing lineup of Taiwanese tea brands, we have the highly anticipated arrival of Kebuke, making its much-awaited international debut at Harbour City. Originating from Taichung, Kebuke’s journey began modestly in 2008, with a small shop nestled next to a local market. Embracing a blend of old-fashioned romance, local culture, and vintage aesthetics, the brand evokes a sense of nostalgic charm. With the name “KE-BU-KE” playfully echoes the question “are you thirsty” in Taiwanese, the thoughtful way of greeting that inspires Kebuke to put black tea at the heart of its products.

From the refreshing Jasmine Green Tea with Grapefruit to the nourishing Honey Rice Oolong Tea with a Whole Lemon and their signature Black Tea Latte, Kebuke offers a diverse range of innovative tea creations that pay homage to the old-town charm of Taiwan.

Don’t Yell At Me 不要对我尖叫,日常茶间
Kebuke 可不可熟成红茶

Quality bites of Taiwanese stuffed pancakes: Money Cakes

As you discover your next favorite read at eslite spectrum, don’t miss out on the freshly made imagawayaki, or stuffed pancakes, by Money Cakes. With their instantly recognizable heat stamp that reads “一分錢,一分貨” – which translates to “value for money” in English – each imagawayaki embodies the brand’s commitment to delivering quality and value in a single bite.

In addition to the classic red bean filling, be sure to try the Hong Kong-exclusive eggs with corned beef and creamed corn. Each pancake is generously stuffed, ensuring an explosion of flavors with every bite.

Money Cakes 一分錢,一分貨
Money Cakes 一分錢,一分貨

The Irresistible Taste of Tokyo: Press Butter Sand

Another social media sensation is Press Butter Sand from Tokyo, captivating hearts and tantalizing taste buds with its delectable buttercream sandwich cookies. What sets this brand apart is its meticulous craftsmanship.

Each cookie is painstakingly made using a proprietary pressing machine that bakes both sides simultaneously, yielding a unique texture unlike any other. The small square treats pack a powerful punch with their indulgent Hokkaido buttercream and luscious butter caramel filling, providing an irresistible mouthful as you sink your teeth into them.

Press Butter Sand
Press Butter Sand

Premium Cocoa Delights from Hong Kong: Cacaolab

Nestled among these international fan favorites is a homegrown chocolate store called Cacaolab. This Hong Kong-originated chocolatier began its journey in South America, where the passionate team embarked on a quest to visit one plantation after another, hand-picking only the finest cacao beans to curate their bean-to-bar products. Precision and artistry are also at the heart of their pastries, baked goods, drinks, and more.

Whether you’re seeking the pure taste of single-origin cacao beans, the aromas of fruit-infused chocolate squares, the crunch offered by the dark chocolate-covered almonds, or the velvety smooth texture of cashew chocolate spread on toast, Cacaolab will not disappoint.

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