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5 Must-Have Coffees at Harbour City

27 Dec, 2017

You might know a wine lover or two around, but to most Hong Kongers, a good cup of coffee is actually the indispensable beverage to fuel up the whole day. Like wine, coffee do come from all walks of life; be it a specialty shop’s unique House Blend, the edible, aromatic Coffee Art, or an exotic blend which will tantalize your tastebuds, at Harbour City, you will surely embark on an unforgettable coffee adventure.

Probably the one and only blend that is ‘custom-roasted’ for our home town which sourced by the Coffee Master.

The Coffee Academics Home to the Exclusive “Hong Kong Blend”

House Blend Coffee is brewed daily by expert baristas.

LE CAFÉ de Joël Robuchon Where the Most Refined House Blend is Found

Iconic Vivienne Westwood orb latte

Vivienne Westwood Café Iconic Orb Latte for Trendsetters

Vietnamese Coffee

Nha Trang Vietnamese Restaurant Savour the Authentic Vietnamese Coffee

Caffe Latte

Colour Brown @ Eslite Spectrum Homemade Coffee
Caffe Latte

Taste Here