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New Seafood-Centric Chinese Restaurant 818 THE SEAFOOD
Grand Opens in Harbour City

04 Jan, 2023

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour City, seafood-centric Chinese restaurant THE SEAFOOD officially opens its doors to hungry diners. At the entrance of an aquarium teeming with fish, a wide array of diverse species can be observed. Guests are invited to enjoy the stunning Victoria Harbour view while exploring the endless depths of ocean flavors. The restaurant’s menu celebrates quality seafood with unique cooking techniques that emphasize its natural flavor and freshness, ensuring a palate-pleasing experience like no other.

THE SEAFOOD not only ensures succulent seafood dishes, butoffers an unparalleled dining experience. With full customizability of the menu selection and cooking methods, customers can be sure that their preferences will be catered to every time. The menu is categorized by the seafood varieties including crabs, lobsters, shellfish, and prawns. Supplied by local and international fresh markets, the selection offers more than 30 types of seafood; a daily catch will also be available as an option.

The restaurant is spearheaded by executive chef Francis Chong. By boldly embracing inventive ingredients and unique cooking techniques, he is determined to create delectable dishes that stimulate the senses with every bite. 


Baked Crab with Black Pepper

Chef Chong is especially crafty with crabs; he handpicks a selection of Alaskan crab, Australian snow crab, king crab and mud crab, and designed up to 12 culinary executions to bring out the best flavour in each.

Lobster with Butter and Cream

Ranging from the tropical rock lobster and the Western Australian lobster to the Boston lobster, the coveted crustaceans are served both raw and cooked.

48 Hours Smoked Duck

The duck is hung dry in house for two whole days before smoked with jasmine tea and wood chip, resulting in a juicy and tender duck breast. It’s best enjoyed with green pepper sauce and Chef Chong’s secret duck sauce recipe.

Crispy Pigeon, Chinese Wine

The bird, only 20-day young, is marinated with Rose dew wine and Nu Er Hong rice wine and freshly fried to order.

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