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A Slice of the Imperial Treasure: Best Peking Ducks in Town

25 Apr, 2023

 What used to be an imperial feast reserved only for Chinese emperors in the past, the arguably most legendary dish in Chinese cuisine now comes in the forms of both traditional and contemporary recipes to satisfy your palate.

Take your next celebration to Harbour City, where international cuisines converge and the most authentic dining experiences are guaranteed. Discover how the big bird is served in these four establishments and steals the show from the dining table.


Crustacean lovers or not, 818 THE SEAFOOD’s menu is going to impress the entire family with the extensive seafood options as well as the signature 48-Hour Smoked Duck. The duck is hung dried in-house for two days before being smoked with jasmine tea leaves and wood chips. Every bite of the fragrant duck breast is filled with dimensions of flavors.

The thin crepe is a match made in heaven for the duck for a reason. It absorbs all the flavors and – well – the grease, to keep your fingers clean as you revel in the juicy bite, while offering a slightly chewy mouthfeel to the mix. Swap the hoisin sauce with executive chef Francis Chong’s secret dark sauce or the green pepper sauce for a kick.

Head to the restaurant early, as only 16 servings of the specialty dish are on offer daily.

Prince Restaurant

From dim sum to Chinese casseroles, Prince Restaurant serves up authentic Chinese cuisines that attracts both tourists and local patrons alike. And here at the restaurant, each Roasted Peking Duck is made to order and served in two ways.

The duck is meticulously sliced and served tableside to reveal in front of the guests, the succulent and tender duck meat. Wrap the duck with accompaniments like cucumber and scallion. Or, if it’s the way the duck skin crackles in your mouth that hits the spot for you, you’re going to love the lettuce wrap too. Each crunchy and refreshing bite is going to leave you yearning for more. 

Xihe Ya Yuan

For the adventurous diners, or those who always wonder if there are other less conventional ways to devour the delicious poultry, look no further than Xihe Ya Yuan.

Each XIHE Signature Peking Duck is skillfully carved tableside into 88 delicate pieces. While the ducks are prepared according to the traditional recipe, the restaurant is inviting you to ditch the quintessential garnishes and dips to branch out for an unexpected experience.

The set comes with an eight-treasure platter, holding such condiments as haw jelly, mustard, blueberry sauce, and even popping candy, which quite literally, pops in your mouth with a tingling sensation alongside the rich flavors from the duck itself.

Duck Victoria

The juicy duck meat doesn’t have to be loaded with calories. Specializing in Peking-Huaiyang cuisine, Duck Victoria serves up a guilt-free option in which premium Beijing ducks each weighing 2.8 kg are selected. Thanks to the thinner layer of fat underneath the skin, each mouthful is extra crispy when roasted to the mouth-watering golden-brown hue.

Half bird option is also available in case you want to leave room for the Shanghainese Wonton in Duck Broth and Sliced Duck with Osmanthus Jelly, both of which bring out the multi-facet flavor profiles of the delicate poultry for a full experience.

Make your way to Harbour City to satiate your craving for the specialty Peking duck dishes and let us know which one is your favorite!

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