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As the new year dawns upon us, anticipation fills the air, and everyone eagerly awaits what lies ahead. In celebration of the Year of the Dragon in 2024, Harbour City presents the enchanting “ACHIEVE MORE” collection of red packets inspired by the Daruma wishing doll. These vibrant, colourful and adorable red packets are designed to bring good luck and help dreams come true. Accompanied by the Circle Pleather Clutch in a sleek, minimalistic style, this exclusive set will captivate hearts.

The Daruma Red Packets, a symbol of good fortune, comprise 5 charming designs, totaling 16 pieces, ensuring an endless stream of luck. With their endearing facial features, round-shaped bodies, and distinctive mustaches, the lovely Darumas exude an overwhelming sense of happiness.

Traditionally, people dot the left eye of Daruma when they make wishes and the right eye once the wish is fulfilled. Each red packet features both eyes dotted, symbolizing the fulfillment of wishes. Designed in dazzling colours of red, green, yellow, pink, and purple, each of the 5 Darumas represents different blessings, including happiness, health, wealth, relationship, and success. Furthermore, the back of the packets showcases a Chinese-chop-like design with related blessing quotes. Embossed in gold on the Darumas’ bodies are traditional auspicious motifs, such as floral diamonds, pea tie-dye, fawn patterns, and peach blossoms, amplifying the blessings. With the Daruma Red Packets, Harbour City hopes to bring dreamers the good fortune to see their wishes come true.

In keeping with tradition, Harbour City is also launching a clutch bag that complements the Red Packets’ theme. The Circle Pleather Clutch, available in the colours of pine green and goose yellow, features the embossed theme slogan “ACHIEVE MORE”. This versatile design effortlessly enhances any Chinese New Year or daily outfit, adding a touch of sophistication to one’s fashion style.

“ACHIEVE MORE” Red Packets & Clutch Set Charity Sales & Redemption
Redemption Period: 19 Jan – 9 Feb 2024

Redemption Terms & Conditions