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Aka C’s Art Exhibition “Wonders Phantasm”@Harbour City

04 Jan, 2024

Aka C, a renowned singer and actress from Hong Kong, has recently shifted more of her focus to another passion: Technical Pen Drawing. She will be hosting a captivating solo art exhibition titled “Wonders Phantasm” at the Gallery by the Harbour from 6 January to 21 January 2024. The exhibition will showcase 16 exquisitely crafted fine line paintings that tell enchanting stories of the connection between humans and animals, inviting visitors into a captivating realm of imagination and enchantment

“Wonders Phantasm” centers around the theme of the relationship between humans and animals. Aka C believes in the inherent similarity between these two realms but acknowledges that human desires and distractions often overshadow our innate purity. With this in mind, she endeavors to use her artwork—depicting animals and their accompanying narratives—to encourage a fresh contemplation of real-life experiences and values as the new year unfolds. Each of Aka C’s artworks contains a hidden story and symbolism, intertwining different species of animals such as seahorses, swans, whales, sloths, owls, and more, creating a whimsical world of imagination. Viewers will delight in discovering intricate details within her compositions, stimulating their imagination and prompting contemplation of the relationship between humans and animals. Furthermore, Aka C incorporates mythical creatures, including unicorns, into her paintings, adding a touch of enchantment to her dreamlike world.

Aka C’s mastery of technical pen drawing sets her apart. Using pens with incredibly fine tips, as small as 0.03mm, she meticulously applies each stroke on the canvas, crafting intricate details and shading to create captivating visuals. Her artistic process requires intense focus and unwavering patience to capture the subtleties of her subjects. 


Exploring the Human-Animal Dynamic and Values through Artworks and Storytelling

Creation stems from life. Aka C, who has a deep affection for animals, has painted numerous works centered around animal themes over the past decade. For her first solo exhibition in 2024, “Wonders Phantasm”, she has decided to choose animals as the theme. The artworks in this exhibition draw inspiration from the wisdom and stories of different animals, encouraging reflection on the relationship between humans and animals and promoting learning from it.

Introducing a Variety of Eco-friendly Merchandise and the Instant Photo Machine

The exhibition also features a mini pop-up store offering a range of adorable and eco-friendly merchandise created by Aka C in collaboration with Each item thoughtfully integrates key elements from Aka C’s captivating artworks, allowing visitors to embrace her creations and infuse their everyday lives with their enchanting and restorative qualities. The merchandise selection encompasses vegan eco-leather mini bags, thermal bottles, eco-cutlery sets and card holder. Every product in the collection follows a minimalist black and white design to complement Aka C’s artistic style. Adding to the immersive experience, Aka C introduces an instant photo machine in the exhibition venue. This innovative feature transforms her artwork designs into frame-style photographs, offering an alternative means for everyone to collect, cherish, and enjoy Aka C’s remarkable creations.

Aka C’s Artistic Journey: From Stress-Relieving Zentangle to Intricate Ink Pen Creations

Aka C has had a deep love for art from a young age. However, lacking formal guidance during her formative years, she struggled with confidence in her own creations. It was only upon entering adulthood that she rekindled her passion for drawing as a means of stress relief. It all began with Zentangle, she soon found herself drawn to the world of doodling, which sparked a creative fusion within her. This fusion gave birth to her unique style of technical pen illustrations that now define her artistic persona.

What sets Aka C’s work apart from conventional doodling is the meticulous thought and consideration she pours into each and every piece. Infused within the intricate lines and delicate strokes lies a captivating story or a profound philosophical concept. Aka C aspires to go beyond showcasing her artistic prowess; she aims to awaken the minds of her audience, inviting them to delve into the narratives concealed within her creations. Through the universal language of art, she seeks to establish a profound connection and meaningful dialogue with each viewer.

Aka CWonders Phantasm” Solo Exhibition @Harbour City

Date: 6-21 January 2024

Time: 11am – 9 pm

Venue: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)