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Japanese millennial artist Yudai Nishi is having his solo exhibition in Hong Kong, titled as FRESH!, from 10 June till 4 July at Gallery by the Harbour, with  the theme “Tokyo FRESH-LY Direct” in mind. Showcasing 15 of Nishi’s latest works, the exhibition is meant to linger in its audience’s mind with the artist’s extraordinary interpretation of the ordinary fruit and vegetables.

Nishi’s artistic style is nourished by his love for American comic, street art, and graffiti. With his unique sense and imagination of ordinary objects, his art always takes his audience to the déjà vu. Such talent draws attention to Nishi from the Japanese art circle as well as the fashion sector. PARCO, Nike, Adidas, and MOUSSY have collaborated with him in various projects. Hong Kong curatorial team WAY by Way of Difference is bringing this new talent to the city all the way from Tokyo to enrich the local art scene. Besides the 15 all-new original paintings, a new series of limited edition products are also available at the exhibition, as a new way to bring art into daily life.

A Transformation of Graffiti and Pop Art

Drawing has always been a part of Yudai Nishi. “I didn’t ‘choose’ to be an artist, I just keep doing what I like and this is how it turns out.” Nishi reflects. American comic is his other love-of-life. He first saw a graffiti encyclopedia in his ninth grade and he has been obsessed ever since, traces of graffiti elements can still be seen in his work today.

Draw the Line, That’s an Attitude

Lines are bold in Nishi’s work. According to the artist, his lines have to “swallow the vision of the audience, and let them feel drunk with them.” The black lines contrast the vivid color of the paintings and bring a strong visual impact to the audience.

“I emphasize black lines in my paintings because they can only be found in the 2-dimensional world. As a painter, I’m always seeking unique expressions within the 2-dimensional world. I want to use the black lines to illustrate something that only exists in the 2-dimensional world, something out of our world.” In fact, the bold line is where the captivating power lies in Nishi’s work. The solid lines run between blocks and blocks of color to create a simple composition, and yet they hold infinite possibilities of interpretation. This is the shocking power of Nishi’s art.

No Title is the Most Complex Title

“I don’t want to draw an apple as an apple, nor a banana as a banana. I deconstruct, then rebuild my subject. If I can build up a visual that I like from the fragments, I will use it as my motif.” That’s why Nishi’s works always seem to be a weave of multiple images. Through repeated viewing, the audience goes on a journey of exploration, finding a new visual from a familiar one. This journey of déjà vu becomes the signature of Yudai Nishi. He gives no explanation to his work, instead, he names his work as “No Title”. Nishi believes everyone can understand his work in some ways, and he would rather leave it to his audience’s imagination.

Limited Edition Products Available at the Venue

Besides the exhibited works, a series of limited edition products are also available at the venue. The products include an umbrella, pins, tote bag, carpet, and wood panel prints. All of them are derived from Nishi’s original works. The curatorial team, WAY by Way of Difference, hopes that through the lifestyle products, Nishi’s art can find its way to daily life.


FRESH!:Yudai Nishi’s Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Period: June 10 – July 4
Opening Hours: 11am -10pm
Venue: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)