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Amala: Living Skincare for Living Skin

17 Jun, 2022

Nothing is more fearless or powerful than nature on the defence, and luxury skincare brand Amala has jumped on the lion’s back and harnessed nature’s most rigorous ingredients to create science-backed skincare that’s elevated with living bio-nutrients. This is the next level of luxury natural skincare, which turns advanced biochemistry innovations into bioactive formulations that precisely target each person’s individual skin, leaving it balanced and beautiful.

Ethically sourced and expertly composed with bio-fermented ingredients harvested from nature, Amala’s formulas are super-concentrated and fully bio-available, making them more readily recognised by the human body. Each signature cocktail of living nutrients features self-adjusting technology, meaning it zeroes in on your specific skincare needs as it goes to work.

The brand’s thirty-five-year heritage of research and innovation is grounded in the enduring tradition of German engineering and ingenuity. Perhaps inspired by the grandeur of the Alps, German chemists and botanists were among the earliest practitioners of engaging the abundance of the natural world through modern scientific practices. This pioneering biochemical research and deep connection with nature combine to inspire Amala’s plantpowered, high-performing skincare.


From sourcing to preservation, Amala’s 100% natural plant extracts, seed oils, and bioferments are maximised to their full potential in ultra-concentrated formulations that are proven to work. Every Amala product undergoes rigorous third-party clinical testing for efficacy and performance, ensuring that these gentle, bio-available formulations pack enough punch to achieve genuinely game-changing results.

Amala also carries the NATRUE® seal – a high international standard for natural and organic cosmetics that only a few luxury skincare brands carry. The NATRUE® seal verifies that every Amala formulation is made only of naturally derived ingredients and is free from GMOs, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, and synthetic fragrances. Amala is also proudly 100% cruelty-free.


Amala’s earth-wide search for the finest natural ingredients has led to a carefully composed line-up that’s proven to significantly change the skin while also protecting and nurturing it. Every formula is brought to life with traceable whole plant ingredients and boosted by bioactive compounds, then handcrafted in small batches to ensure the integrity of the ingredients.

Probiotic bio-ferments are blended with a power shot of prebiotics to create targeted ingredient cocktails that support the skin’s microbiome, providing a natural defence against bacteria, pollutants, and allergens for a clearer, healthier, and more balanced complexion. The bio-fermented actives are designed to be fully bio-available and self-adjusting to each person’s particular skin, so they’re supercharged and super-absorbed.


Dedicated to returning to nature everything we take from it, Amala is all about consciously upholding the integrity of the earth. From development to the harvesting of ingredients to the finished products that renew and protect your skin, everything Amala does is with the planet and its people at top of mind.

The brand operates with fair and responsible practices, is 100% carbon neutral, and supports independent producers whenever possible. Its facilities employ the highest levels of sustainable manufacturing, including geothermal temperature regulation, green roofing, and underground rainwater filtration systems. Committed to mindful sourcing, Amala also conducts year-long, full supply chain audits of their raw materials’ manufacturing methods. All their packaging is deconstructed and uses recycled, recyclable or biodegradable components as much as possible.

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