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Anteprima SS21 Rainbow Collection
“Life is Art, Live yours in colours”

27 May, 2021

This summer, ANTEPRIMA brought the vivid rainbow back to the stage – MINI STANDARD Rainbow Collection! Endowing a fruity and tropical aura to this heated weather, MINI STANDARD WIREBAG Collection with a totally of 9 new rainbow colours determined to inject piles of happiness and playfulness to colour up your life with positive energy and express yourself.

Never stop expanding the mini bag family and keeping them an expression but also functional, each piece is attached with a metal chain, you can hold it in hand for an elegant vibe or wear it as a crossbody bag for a chic style if you want to go free.

Destined to become your companion for all new season outings, the brand offered 9 fascinating rainbow tints such as the enthusiastic red, the harmonious yell, and natural green. The striking rainbow hues not only represent your mood and lifestyle with boldness but also show that it is ambitious enough to occupy you on every occasion!

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