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Embark on a Journey through the Nyonya Mansion
Auntie MALAY Opening at Harbour City

07 Dec, 2023

Malaysian Restaurant Brand “Auntie MALAY” is the latest addition to Drawing Room Concepts (DRC), following the success of Hainan Shaoye and the introduction of the exquisite Thai  cuisine at Nara Thai Cuisine. Set to grandly open at Harbour City, Auntie MALAY offers an exquisite and authentically Malaysian dining experience. Headed by a Malaysian-Chinese executive chef, the menu showcases the diverse cultural flavours of Malaysia. Alongside popular Malaysian dishes, the menu also features imaginative fusion of Melaka’s timeless classics, presented with artful plating that reveals the borderless dynamics of Malaysian cuisine.

The inspiration behind “Auntie MALAY” originates from the personal experience of DRC’s CEO, Mr. Tony Cheng, during his visit to Malaysia where he was warmly hosted by a hospitable auntie, leaving him a lasting impression. Tony expressed, “For the past 14 years, Hainan Shaoye has brought delightful culinary memories to many local diners. As times and lifestyles evolve, it is necessary for us to progress and enhance the overall dining experience. This is utterly the purpose behind ‘Auntie MALAY’ where delicious cuisine serves as the foundation, complemented by essential elements such as dining ambiance, menu selection, culinary presentation, and the warm and hospitable spirit of an ‘auntie’. Our vision for ‘Auntie MALAY’ is to be an exceptional Malaysian cuisine restaurant beyond the borders of Malaysia, offering a warm and inviting dining experience that feels like home.”


Fresh And Modern Ambience At The Nyonya Mansion Creating A Pleasant Dining Environment

Infused with the colonial charm of Nyonya mansions, Auntie MALAY’s interior design exudes a rich blend of colours. The dining space boldly incorporates intricate floral tiles, colourful stained glass and textiles with a touch of Nyonya style, creating a warm and distinctive exotic ambiance. The large-scale wall painting depicts the graceful faces of Malaysian ladies, complemented by lush tropical plants, fostering a green and serene atmosphere. The highlight of the venue is the oversized birdcage sofas, inviting guests to immerse in a garden-like setting and indulge in a relaxed and leisurely pace.


Malaysian-Chinese Executive Chef Wee Hor Han – A Creative Culinary Trailblazer Committed To Preserving The Authentic Flavours Of His Homeland

Chef Han, born and raised in Malaysia, brings over 15 years of culinary experience to the table. Known for his lively and unconventional approach, he nurtured a passion for cooking through exploring his mother’s herb garden and kitchen from an early age. Chef Han’s adventurous spirit had led him to hold esteemed positions at renowned establishments, including the Michelin-starred French restaurant L’Orangerie at St. Regis Hotel in Langkawi and the Four Seasons Hotel in the Maldives. He later took charge of the Southeast Asian cuisine kitchen at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, further enriching his expertise and global perspective. Chef Han’s deep connection to his homeland drives his ambition to blend his diverse cultural background, cross-border culinary techniques, and the wealth of ingredients in Hong Kong, to spotlight the lively and harmonious essence of Malaysian cuisine.

At Auntie MALAY, Chef Han expertly showcases the bountiful array of ingredients found in Hong Kong’s culinary landscape. With a focus on preserving traditional flavours while immersing guests in a sensorial journey, Chef Han’s creations are a true gastronomic delight. Among his remarkable inventions is an exclusive secret curry sauce, crafted solely for the restaurant. This special sauce, infused with various fragrant herbs and spices, serves as the heart and soul of many signature dishes. Furthermore, Chef Han meticulously prepares a selection of pickled vegetables to enhance the flavours of each dish, providing a perfect finishing touch that elevates the overall dining experience.


Innovative Menu Category: “CULTURAL Shiok!” – Reinventing Malaysian Culinary Treasures Through Flavourful Storytelling

Hong Kong locals have a preference for light and fresh flavours, which differs from the rich and spicy nature of Southeast Asian cuisine. In order to introduce Hong Kongers to the authentic flavours of Malaysia and showcase the unique aspects of the cuisine, our menu incorporates a special ‘Cultural Shiok” category, featuring a range of locally-inspired dishes that have been reinvented and enhanced in innovative ways.  For instance, our signature Asam dishes are prepared using a shrimp broth favoured by Hong Kong diners, resulting in a flavour that is more delicate, sweet, and easily palatable.

One of the menu highlights is the Yo Abang! Hainan Chicken Paella. As the CEO of DRC and a renowned local chef, Tony Cheng, shares a passion for Southeast Asian cuisine and has been inspired by Chef Han’s culinary fervour. Together, they have collaborated to create a brand-new rendition of Hainanese Chicken Paella. This dish combines two iconic dishes – Malaysia’s Chinatown Clay Pot Chicken Rice and the classic Hainanese Chicken Rice. Building upon tradition, the dish incorporates elements such as dried Botan shrimp, taro, Chinese cured sausage and scallion oil, all served with fragrant and crispy rice crust. This creation embodies the concept of merging different culinary cultures, resulting in a delightful fusion of flavours.


Keropok Lekor Caramelized Fish Skin with Lime leaves, Pistachio

Inspired by the famous snack “Fried Fish Cracker” from the Northeastern region of Malaysia, the chef has made adaptations to cater to the taste preferences of Hong Kong diners by using crispy fish skin as a substitute. The preparation involves stir-frying the fish skin with dried chili and caramel until it turns transparent, resulting in a slightly sweet and spicy flavour while maintaining its crispy texture. It is then garnished with kaffir lime leaves, lime leaves, and crushed pistachios, enhancing the visual appeal while adding layers of aroma and texture.

Asam Pedas Hot & Sour Tiger Prawn Omelette, Pandan Kaya Toast

The aromatic spices of Asam flavour in the prawn soup blend harmoniously with the soup-absorbing qualities of the omelette, ensuring that each bite is filled with rich flavours. The tender and succulent fresh prawns also provide a refreshing sweetness that balances the complexity of the curry spices. It is recommended to enjoy with the light and crispy Pandan Kaya Toast. Combining fragrant pandan custard with the coconut milk, the airy filling of the toast complements the curry soup and provides a mild cooling effect, enhancing the overall taste and delivering a unique culinary experience.

Asam Pedas Hot & Sour Fish with Crispy Dough Sticks

This dish is inspired by Hong Kong locals’ resistance to the strong and pungent flavours of Asam Laksa. The chef has made improvements in seasoning and ingredients by replacing the traditional small fish broth commonly found in Asam Laksa. Instead, fresh whole fish takes the spotlight, reducing the pungency and enhancing the freshness of the dish. The improved soup base is made with prawn broth and infused with ingredients such as tamarind, ginger flower, laksa leaves, galangal, and shrimp paste, with the addition of mint leaves to impart a refreshing aroma. The dish is served with mini crispy dough sticks, adding richness in texture and layers of flavour.

Shiok! Shiok! Waygu Beef Cheek Rendang with Grilled Glutinous Rice, Pork Floss

This dish elevates the traditional Rendang beef by using tender and gelatinous Wagyu cheeks, slow-cooked in Chef’s homemade curry sauce. The result is a tender and velvety texture that melts in your mouth. The curry sauce is made with fresh turmeric leaves and a variety of aromatic herbs, creating a complex aroma and vibrant red colour. To balance the richness, the dish is complemented with cherry tomatoes marinated with preserved plum, adding an enticing visual appeal. It is also served with a roll of fragrant coconut-infused glutinous rice grilled with banana leaves, imparting a special flavour to this renowned dish.

Auntie’s Secret Crispy Chicken

Fried chicken is a beloved national dish in Malaysia that people enjoy on a daily basis. The chef marinates the chicken pieces with his homemade curry sauce, lemongrass, galangal, ginger, and fennel, along with other fresh spices. This allows the flavours of the spices to fully penetrate the chicken, which is then coated in a thin layer of tapioca flour before being deep-fried. The result is a crispy outer layer, tender and juicy chicken meat, and a subtle curry aroma that lingers on the palate, leaving a memorable taste.

Yo Abang! Hainan Chicken Paella

This dish is a harmonious fusion of two iconic dishes – Malaysia’s Chinatown Clay Pot Chicken Rice and the classic Hainanese Chicken Rice. The fragrant rice is generously adorned with dried shrimps, taro, and Chinese cured sausage, creating a symphony of flavours and textures. It is then steamed with lemongrass, pandan leaves, galangal, ginger and garlic, absorbing every fragrant essence. As the dish is served, boneless chicken and scallion oil are added on top, offering a delightful aroma and enhancing the overall taste. The masterpiece is complete with the addition of the crispy rice crust that forms along the edges.

Mini Serundeng Spring Rolls

Mini spring rolls, a cherished traditional delicacy during Malaysian New Year festivities, harmoniously blend the essence of serundeng and fish floss, allowing their enticing aromas and flavours to unfold. The result is a mouth-watering filling that exudes fragrant and mild spiciness. Expertly wrapped in spring roll wrappers and delicately shaped into butterfly rolls, these mini spring rolls offer a delightful crunch and an explosion of flavours.

Gula Hangus Egg Pudding with Pistachio, Ginger and Crumbs

This pudding has a subtle eggy aroma and is infused with a mild spiciness from ginger and brown coconut sugar, highlighting the Malaysian influence. The addition of crushed pistachios adds a delightful nutty texture, while crispy fried bread crumbs provide a crunchy element, enhancing the smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

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